The Newest German Quarterly - Vol. 96, Issue 3 - Summer 2023 is online!!

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This Quarter's release includes the following

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“Illusion and individuation in the Orientalisms of Arthur Schopenhauer and Karoline von Günderrode”
by David Takamura

“Art, artifice, and eroticized infantilization: Imagining Japanese femininities in the Weimar Republic in Fritz Lang's Harakiri (1919) and Kapitän Mertens's ‘Kio, die lasterhafte Kirschblüte’ (1924)”
by Berna Gueneli

“A Wende in representing the Holocaust in German literature? From Jurek Becker to W. G. Sebald” (Open Access)
by Helen Finch

“Bodily secret(ion)s: Ulrike Draesner's gedächtnisschleifen (1995)”
by Catrina de Rivera


“Introduction: On linguistic indifference”
with The Pipestone Group,  Edward C. Dawson,  Hannah Eldridge,  David Gramling,  Hiram Maxim,  Sharon Munger Wailes,  Patrick Ploschnitzki,  Caroline Rieger,  Julia Ruck,  Marianna Ryshina-Pankova,  Chantelle Warner

“How can German studies become a site of resistance to linguistic indifference in language policy regimes?”
by Julia Ruck

“Do language classrooms socialize linguistic indifference?”
by Hiram Maxim & Marianna Ryshina-Pankova

“Can frameworks for language learning be multilingually indifferent?”
by Chantelle Warner

“In literary studies, when is (indifference to) monolingualism a form of linguistic indifference?” (Open Access)
by David Gramling

“Are universities, and their language departments, now promoting new forms of linguistic indifference?” (Open Access)
by Caroline Rieger

“When are research journals linguistically indifferent?” (Open Access)
by Hannah Vandegrift Eldridge

“Is linguistic indifference a singular and consistent phenomenon?”
by Patrick Ploschnitzki

“How does linguistic indifference masquerade as linguistic resistance?” (Open Access)
by Edward Dawson

“What does cheating in German class have to do with linguistic indifference?” (Open Access)
by Sharon M. Wailes

REVIEW ESSAY (Open Access):

“The humanities in crisis: How did we get here and where do we go from here?”
by Astrida Orle Tantillo