Honorary Members and Fellows

Honorary Members are distinguished Germanists or specialists in second language acquisition with a focus on Deutsch als Fremdsprache. They are recognized scholars of international stature who have contributed to the advancement of Germanic studies in the fields of literary studies, linguistics, second language acquisition, or pedagogy, or distinguished K-12 educators with significant regional and/or national impact.

Honorary Fellows are distinguished men and women of letters. Distinguished men and women of letters is to be interpreted in a broad sense. They may be distinguished scholars or professionals in German studies fields outside language and literature; or they may be creative writers or essayists.

Nominations for Honorary Members and Fellows: Active AATG members may nominate persons to the committee chair. This may be done independently or through an AATG chapter.

Nominations need to be supported by ten or more members. Nominations must include a curriculum vitae and other biographical information (including the place and date of birth of the nominee, her/his educational background, a record of his or her professional career, a list of honors, prizes, and memberships, and a list of publications and dates). The file should be combined as a single pdf.
Note: The AATG does not elect individuals to honorary membership posthumously. Nominations are due by September 1 annually.  

Guidelines for Honorary Members and Fellows are posted on the AATG policy page.

Send nominations to:

Dr. Didem Uca

Emory University



Honorary Members

Katherine Arens; Stuart Atkins*; Heinrich Baumhof*; Sigrid Bauschinger; Ernst Behler*; Elizabeth Bernhard; Richard Brinkmann*; Heidi Byrnes; Albrecht Classen; Ray Clifford; Dorrit Cohn*; Carol Anne Costabile-Heming; Thomas Keith Cothrun; Peter Demetz; Wolfgang Frühwald*; Reinhold Grimm*; Frank M. Grittner*; Daniel Hamilton; Jost Hermand*; Peter Uwe Hohendahl; Ruth Klüger*; Claire J. Kramsch; Eberhard Lämmert*; Victor Lange*; Sol Liptzin*; Walter F. Lohnes*; Paul Michael Lützeler; Wolfgang Mieder; Katharina Mommsen; Kurt Mueller-Vollmer*; Karl F. Otto, Jr.; Wolfgang Paulsen*; Herbert Penzl*; Alan Pfeffer*; Irmengard Rauch; LaVern J. Rippley*; Frank Ryder*; Jeffrey L. Sammons*; Renate A. Schulz; Egon Schwarz*; Walter H. Sokel*; Guy Stern*; Janet K. Swaffar; Lynne Tatlock; Frank Trommler; Erwin Tschirner; Wilhelm Vosskamp; Peter Wapnewski*; Gerhard H. Weiss*; Helene Zimmer-Loew; Theodore Ziolkowski*. 

Honorary Fellows

Ilse Aichinger*; Peter Bichsel; Elisabeth Borchers*; Hilde Domin*; Barbara Frischmuth; Karin Gündisch; Walter Hinck*; Ika Hügel-Marshall*; Konrad H. Jarausch; Jürgen Kocka; Reinhard Koselleck*; Michael Krüger; John le Carré*; Wolf Lepenies; Emine Sevgi Özdamar; Klaus Piper*; Paul Raabe*; Marcel Reich-Ranicki*; Wilga Marie Rivers*; Jörn Rüsen; Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler*; Peter Schneider; Zafer ┼×enocak; Hans-Michael Speier; Yoko Tawada; Uwe Timm; Siegfried Unseld*; Ulla Unseld-Berkewicz; Beatrice von Matt; Werner Weidenfeld; Harald Weinrich*; Erika Weinzierl*; Krishna R. Winston, Gabriele Wohmann*.