NGE Advisors

The National German Exam (NGE) is a test given annually to more than 15,000 high school students of German across the United States and internationally. The NGE is not meant to be a proficiency assessment, but rather an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the German classroom. Depending upon their score, students can earn certificates, medals, cash prizes, and may even qualify for a scholarship for summer study in Germany. 

NGE Advisors are committee members and veteran NGE teachers and strong supporters of the program who volunteer to speak with new or unfamiliar teachers about administering the NGE. Teachers who have expressed interest in administering the NGE will be put in contact with an NGE Advisor and would be responsible for initiating a phone meeting with the NGE Advisor. Advisors can shed light on what it's like to administer the exam, how to prepare students to take the test, and how to use the NGE as promotion for the local German program.

Please note that NGE Advisors are volunteers, not employees of AATG or Lingco. NGE Advisors cannot answer technical or logistical questions such as Lingco platform, exam logistic, or scholarship questions.

Connect with an NGE Advisor

National German Exam Committee

  • Karl-Georg Federhofer
    Karl-Georg Federhofer
    Teaching Professor, Alan P. Cottrell Collegiate Lecturer
    Committee Co-Chair
  • Jonas Strecker
    Jonas Strecker
    South Forsyth High School
    Committee Co-Chair
  • Katrina Bauerlein
    Katrina Bauerlein
    NYS Certified German teacher, grades 7-12 Mahopac High School
    Committee Member
  • Judith Benz
    Committee Member
  • Robert Dougherty
    Robert Dougherty
    German Teacher Montgomery Bell Academy
    Committee Member
  • Katrina Griffin
    Committee Member
  • Regina M Guhl
    Committee Member
  • Matthew Harring
    Matthew Harring
    Plainfield South High School
    Committee Member
  • Meagan K Tripp
    Meagan K Tripp
    Assistant Professor of German FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE
    Committee Member

NGE Advisors

  • Cynthia S. Chalupa
    Cynthia S. Chalupa
    Associate Professor of German; Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies
    NGE Advisor
  • Juan Carlos Morales
    Juan Carlos Morales
    NGE Advisor