AATG Board of Directors

The AATG Board of Directors represents teachers of German throughout the United States. The Board is an elected, policy-making body, with members at pre-collegiate and post-secondary teaching levels from various regions of the country.

Board of Directors

  • Angelika Becker
    Angelika Becker
    Teacher Carmel High School 3179852787
  • Jennifer Redmann
    Professor of German FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE (717)419-4531
    Vice President
  • Blake Peters
    Blake Peters
    German International School of Portland (503)327-9805
  • Chiann Tsui
    Chiann Tsui
    IB PYP Coordinator German International School of Portland 7190248
    Equity Officer
  • Priscilla Layne
    Priscilla Layne
    Professor of German UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL (151)071-7388x8
    Immediate Past President
  • Bridget Levine-West
    Northeast Regional Representative
  • Carrie Collenberg-González
    Carrie Collenberg-González
    Associate Professor of German (562)394-3660
    Northwest Regional Representative
  • Lucia Huang
    Lucia Huang
    German Teacher
    Southeast Regional Representative
  • Kyung Lee Gagum
    Kyung Lee Gagum
    Assistant Professor of German
    Southwest Regional Representative
  • Jeffrey M. Dyer
    Jeffrey M. Dyer
    German Teacher/GAPP Coordinator Oregon High School (608)395-5864
    Midwest Regional Representative
  • Mariah Ligas
    Mariah Ligas
    Central Regional Representative
  • Michael Shaughnessy
    Michael Shaughnessy
    Executive Director (856)795-5553
    Executive Director