Advocacy Toolkit

This new collaboration sponsored by the AATG accomplishes two goals: it provides resources to strengthen current programs, thereby helping prevent possible future German program cuts, and it provides guidance for moving forward if you hear that dreaded news one day.

Before we get to the tips, let us tell you what the AATG Advocacy Toolkit does and does not do: 

  • It does not promise success. Too often, the conditions that lead to cutting a program have built over time or are completely outside of a teacher's sphere of influence. We would love to offer THE solution, but the truth is there is no silver bullet for this problem.
  • It does not represent the totality of options. The AATG values our members' diverse teaching philosophies and experiences. Rather than provide a roadmap, these tips offer a menu of options so you can select what works for you while exploring what works for others.
  • This toolkit will change...with your help. We intend for this project to be a living repository - a place for AATG members to share strategies (documents, slides, videos, testimonies, etc.) to assist other members in strengthening their own programs. We want to keep our tips current, relevant and helpful. To that end, we invite all AATG members to share their own stories and materials here so that we may update and improve the resources available to members.
  • It can connect you directly with a colleague. Do you want to spend an hour brainstorming with another AATG member for a fresh perspective on your German program? Our volunteers are willing to chat about building a strong German program or trying to rescue one threatened with elimination. This free conversation is available to all AATG members and can be via phone or video chat. Request a conversation here.

The toolkit has two categories:

Please note: Some of the resources which were formerly available in the old AATG Advocacy Hub have now been included in various categories on the Playing Offense page.