Honor Societies

What are the advantages of having a German Honor Society Chapter?

Being a member of a National Honor Society recognizes outstanding academic achievements and provides access to scholarships and national recognition for college admission. It also helps students establish leadership skills and builds character through volunteer and outreach opportunities.


How is an Honor Society different from a German Club at my school?

Membership in an Honor Society is based on academic achievement and therefore exclusive to students who have achieved continued success in their German studies (please see our respective pages below for more details on student eligibility requirements). While many chapters decide to collaborate with their school’s German Club on activities and special events, German Clubs are generally open to all students and do not have additional academic eligibility requirements. 

I teach at two different schools. Can I establish a chapter that includes both schools? 

No, chapters are affiliated with schools, not teachers. You can be a sponsor for multiple chapters but you will need to establish two separate chapters, one for each school.

How do I establish a chapter?

Establishing a chapter is easy. You can find more information on our respective honor society pages:

Who can apply to establish a chapter?

Chapter sponsors must be current members of AATG to induct new members and for their chapter to be recognized. Chapter sponsors of the collegiate honor society Delta Phi Alpha are currently not required (but encouraged) to be an AATG member. 

What is expected of me as a chapter sponsor?

As a chapter sponsor, you are also responsible for inducting new members through the national office, organizing activities, and building a community among your students. Chapter sponsors should also communicate with their respective administrations to highlight the academic achievement of their students. Chapter sponsors may also order accessories or direct students, family members, and school officials to the online store.

How do I find out if my school already has a chapter?

Please get in touch with evan@aatg.org for questions regarding established and new chapters.

When is my chapter considered “active”?

Your chapter is considered active if any of the following has occurred in the past two years calendar years: inducted new members, ordered honor society materials in the store, or submitted events to our newsletter.
Please note: Students applying for scholarships must be members of active chapters. 

How do I induct students into the German Honor Society?

Once you have a list of students who are eligible for induction, register them online. At this time, you will also pay the induction fee and can order additional items, such as pins and patches, if you like. More information on the specific induction process for each honor society can be found on the respective pages above. 

Where can I find ideas and suggestions for chapter activities, outreach, and service projects?

We have a few resources available on our website here but we are always looking for input from our members! Email veronika@aatg.org with suggestions and we will add them to the list.

How can I share my chapter’s activities?

Active chapters are encouraged to submit their activity directly to the AATG newsletter Aktuelles to highlight their program with pictures and stories. Contact marisa@aatg.org with questions about our newsletter. You can also submit pictures of your honor society activities and events here to be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

How can I connect with other chapters?

If you’re looking to connect the students in your Honor Society chapter with students in other chapters, or simply would like to contact other chapter sponsors, we suggest reaching out to your local AATG chapter. You can also contact AATG Outreach & Engagement Coordinator Evan Worthing (evan@aatg.org) via e-mail.

Who can order Honor Society materials, and how?

Honor society pins, cords, key rings and other materials can be ordered by teachers, students, family members, and school officials via our store.

I am a private/homeschooled student. Can I join a nearby chapter?

No, but if you are interested in starting a homeschool chapter for your area, please reach out to evan@aatg.org.