Delta Epsilon Phi Post-Graduate Scholarships

NEW for 2024!

Graduating high school seniors who are currently a member of their school’s Delta Epsilon Phi chapter can now apply for AATG’s new Post-Graduate Scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded to seniors in the form of a cash prize to recognize their work in German studies after high school. Qualifying students will be asked to submit a short essay explaining how they plan to use German after graduation. This can be community college, employment, apprenticeships, military service, volunteer and service years, fellowships in the German-speaking world, or a traditional four-year degree.


Eligible students must: 

  • be a current member of their high school’s Delta Epsilon Phi chapter in good standing 
  • have been inducted into their school’s Delta Epsilon Phi chapter by the application deadline 
  • be a graduating senior
  • not have received any other national AATG student scholarship during their time in high school.


The scholarship will be awarded to seniors in the form of a cash prize after commencement. The number of cash prizes available, and the cash prize amounts are dependent on current funding. 


How to Apply

It’s easy! Students who qualify for the scholarship submit applications online. The application link will be posted once applications open. Before beginning the application, students should ask their German teacher for their Delta Epsilon Phi chapter name. Students will submit a brief essay in German (10-20 sentences) answering these questions: 


* Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, and your school.  

* Why are you learning German? 

* How do you plan to use German after high school? 


Note: Students cannot save and return to the application – when you start, it must be filled in completely. 

Applications are open and due March 15, 2024, at 11:59 pm Eastern. Scholarship winners will be notified in April.

Apply Today!

Teacher Recommendation

The applicant’s German teacher should submit a short recommendation online via this link.