Register students for the NGE - Regular registration ends December 15

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Levels 2-4 Late Registration ends January 31!

The NGE is administered each year to more than 15,000 students of German. The exam honors student achievement with Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards and scholarships including the AATG/PAD NGE Scholarship, a three-week study trip to Germany in the summer following the exam, and the NGE Post-Graduate Scholarship, a cash prize to pursue German after high school, for high school seniors.

The testing window for NGE Levels 2, 3, and 4 is December 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024.

Register students!

Before registering...

  • Read the NGE Registration Guide, which outlines the technical requirements for administering the exam and the registration steps.

  • Find out if your school district/institution requires you to have a data privacy agreement (DPA) signed before you and your students can use Lingco’s platform. Send your DPA request to

  • Work with your school’s network/IT administrator to ensure that Lingco emails are not blocked from reaching student and teacher accounts. Read this help article to learn more.

Register students on Lingco

Registration takes place on Lingco. To get started, go to The registration process is outlined below.

1). Check your AATG membership status.

Login to your AATG account to confirm your membership status. If lapsed or not a member, you should join or renew your membership. Teachers who are not current AATG members, but wish to register students, must indicate on the Lingco registration form that they are registering as a non-member ($90 non-member fee applies).

2). Register students for the exam at

If you have never used Lingco before, use the NGE registration link to create a Lingco account with the instructor code nge-2024. If you already have a Lingco account, use the NGE registration link to login to your account. Both new and existing users will be taken to the NGE Registration Page.

3). Follow the instructions on the NGE Registration Page to register your student(s).

You will need to provide information about yourself, your school, and the level(s) your students will be taking. You will also need to indicate if your AATG membership is current. Additionally, you will select the number of “seats” (exams) you will be purchasing. If you don’t know yet how many seats you will need, select one. Then click "Place Order." 

With these steps, you have successfully registered for the NGE!

You still need to invite your students to join Lingco, assign your students to their testing group, and pay for the exams. Additionally, you may want to access the practice exams and complete the pre-exam checklist one week before exam day. Detailed information can be found in the NGE Registration and Administration Guides, and at our website