Summer Ethical Leadership Fellowship for Law Students and Early-Career Lawyers

Scholarships and Grants,

FASPE (Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics) is now accepting applications for its 2024 Law program.  FASPE Law is a fully-funded, two-week fellowship program in professional ethics and ethical leadership that begins by examining the actions and choices of German lawyers in enabling Nazi policies. It then draws on this historical example to help Law Fellows grasp their role as professionals in their field and in their communities as well as to identify and confront the ethical issues currently facing lawyers and the legal profession. The program takes place in Germany and Poland at sites of historical significance, allowing Fellows to benefit from immersive, contextual learning. DETAILSProgram Dates: Friday, May 24 - Friday, June 7, 2024 Fully-funded: All program costs are covered, including travel, lodging, and food.  Interdisciplinary: FASPE Law Fellows travel with and share some seminar with Fellows in the FASPE Business and Design & Technology programs. Itinerary: Fellows will travel to Berlin, Krakow, and Oswiecim (the location of the former Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz).Eligibility: FASPE Law applicants must fit into one of the following three categories: 1) be enrolled in a JD program as a 2L or 3L at the time of their application; OR 2) be working in the legal profession (including a clerkship) at the time of their application and have received a JD degree no earlier than May 2020; OR 3) for applicants from education systems where law school training does not take place at the post-graduate level, applicants should have completed their requisite legal training in the applicable jurisdiction and be working as a trainee or associate (no more senior than a 4th year associate).FASPE seeks Fellows who are interested in engaging in discussions with their co-Fellows and faculty, and who have the intellectual and emotional maturity to unpack difficult and controversial issues responsibly and respectfully in small group settings. FASPE seeks Law Fellows with diverse interests and backgrounds, including those pursuing careers in law firms, internal law departments, public interest law, as prosecutors or public defenders, etc. 

___FASPE programs are non-denominational. Candidates of all nationalities, religions, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.