German Studies Student Research Grant

Scholarships and Grants,

Through July 15th, the DAAD German Studies Research Grant will be accepting applications from highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students studying in the US and Canada and nominated by the professor supervising their research project. The grant may be used for one to two months of research in Germany, to be conducted in the remainder of 2023.

Additional information on the grant is available on the DAAD website along with the application form and list of required materials. Complete applications will be accepted through July 15th and must be both emailed to in a single pdf-file as well as sent by hard copy through mail (postmarked by Monday, July 17th at the latest) to:

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
German Studies Research Grant
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Please direct your students to the website German Studies Research Grant for all necessary details!

Who can apply?

Undergraduates with at least junior (third-year) standing pursuing a German Studies track or minor may be nominated for the grant by the professor supervising their research project.

Master’s level graduate students in the humanities and social sciences earning a certificate or working on a project in German Studies may be nominated for the grant by the professor supervising their research project.

PhD students in the humanities and social science disciplines in the process of preparing their dissertation proposals on modern German topics may be nominated for the grant by their principal advisor. Students whose dissertation proposals have already been formally accepted one year or more before the application deadline are not eligible for nomination. The intent of the program is to provide an opportunity for short-term exploratory research to determine the viability or to delimit the scope of their proposed dissertations. The program is not intended to supplement or substitute for regular dissertation field work abroad which should lag the short-term research stay by at least one semester.

All applicants are expected to have completed two years of college-level German language studies and a minimum of three courses in German Studies (literature, history, politics or other fields) at the time of nomination.

* Advanced doctoral students are advised to consider DAAD’s Long-Term Research Grants or Short-Term Research Grants instead.

* Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the US and Canada who are enrolled full-time at the US or Canadian college or university that nominates them, or, in the case of international students, must be enrolled in a degree program at a US or Canadian college or university and living in the US or Canada for a minimum of six months by the time of the application deadline.