Congratulations to the AATG/PAD National German Exam Scholarship Finalists

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AATG is pleased to announce the 97 finalists of the AATG/PAD National German Exam Scholarship!

Isabel Abramowicz, Kaino Adachi*, Lucas Anderson*, Pari Bakshi*, Kadyn Berg, Caroline Bisirri*, Adrien Blachier, William Bray, Brady Burrell*, Maggie Burrows*, Daniel Cabral*, Sella Cahill*, Andrew Chang, Grant Chythlook, Avery Claflin, Alex DeMarco, Elizabeth Divine*, Brayden Duprey, Elisa Enroth, Riley Frey, Lena Ganschow*, Linnea Gray*, Emma Griffin*, Kaitlyn Hand, Naomi Hernandez*, William Hess*, Katelynn Holley, Joseph Horwege*, Elise Hosmer*, Grace Houston*, Chloe Kang*, Ruhi Kelkar*, Jack Keller, Truman Kim, Isabel Kirkeby*, Meara Koenigsberger*, Arah Kopp*, Sofya Korovaeva, Beatrix Lay, Alex Leakeas*, Rebecca Levi*, David Lins*, Avery Litwin, Amelia Lockery, Elena Lowe, Parv Mahajan*, Sohini Mallick*, Lilliann Markowitz*, Daniel Maroney, Kalyssa McAdams*, Elliot McDaniel, Lillian Miller*, Nick Mitchell*, Azin Mofidi, Bogdan Monahan*, Ava Morgan, Pravar Mukkala*, Louisa Mulligan*, Gabriel (Nick) Napoli*, Nancy Ngo, Michael Nobles*, Justine Ouellette, Anandita Pathak, Danica Parent*, Drake Parrish*, Aditya Patil, Arturo Pedraza Flores*, Zachary Pita*, Lavanya Prem, Ryan Raisrohani, MacGyver Rawson*, Alabaster Richard*, Kyle Sanders, Ava Sethi, Dhruti Shah, Lola Sheridan*, Shresth Singh, Oishee Sinharay*, Garrett Snedden*, Kyle Ssendagire*, Lucas Staten*, Joseph Strauss*, Elliot Toland, Noah Tongen*, Pedro Trujillo, Cibi Vadivel*, Samuel Vrtismarsh*, Miki Wajima*, Reilly Walsh*, Maximilian Wein, Aubree Whanger, Brianna Wozniak*, Katharina Zak*, Sarah Zhang, Nichole Zhou*, Sophie Zielinski, and Jack Zoellick. 

AATG commends the students and their teachers for their truly outstanding accomplishments. These students are among the Top 100 High School Students learning German in the US and have significant promise in their continued study of German.

Students with an asterisk (*) next to their name have been offered and accepted a scholarship for a study trip to Germany. These outstanding German students were selected from across the US to receive an all-expense-paid summer study trip to Germany. The study trip includes round‐trip air transportation to Germany from New York or Newark, a homestay in a host family, and excursions to places of cultural and historical significance. The study trip, now in its 62nd year, is made possible through a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Congratulations to all!