Call for Short Papers for Article in Die Unterrichtspraxis!!

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Call for Short Papers for Forum Articles

in Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German, a journal of the AATG


Forum: "Approaches to Teaching German Grammar at Schools"


We invite school teachers of German and colleagues and students at universities and colleges, who are involved in teacher training, are conducting professional development for teachers, and/or are engaged in collaborative projects with schools and teachers to submit short papers discussing their methods for teaching specific aspects and components of German grammar in K–12. The objective is to create a collection of concise and practical articles, each focused on a particular grammatical concept, which offers valuable insights and strategies for fellow educators.

            Examples of topics include but are not limited to

  • Communicative approaches to teaching German cases
  • Engaging activities for teaching word order
  • Creative techniques for teaching verb conjugation
  • Making sense of modal verbs in the classroom
  • Incorporating technology to teach German grammar effectively
  • Strategies for teaching subordinating conjunctions
  • Teaching German relative pronouns: A practical guide
  • Games for teaching German grammar

            We are interested in contributions that address the integration of the teaching of grammar in the German curriculum:

  • Integrating vocabulary learning and grammar
  • Integrating grammar with the learning about cultural practices and products
  • The role of grammar in successful oral and written communication
  • The role of grammar in reading and listening

            Submission Requirements:

  • Write in English or German (minimum: 1,000 words; maximum: 2,000 words).
  • Identify the specific grammar point you are addressing clearly.
  • Provide a very brief background or context for the chosen grammar topic.
  • In the main part, describe and discuss your teaching methods, activities, or strategies.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of your approach based on practical experience, student feedback, and/or measured learning outcomes.
  • Include supplementary materials, such as lesson plans, worksheets, or multimedia resources in your submission. (These are not part of the word count.)

Submission deadline: April 29, 2024

For your manuscript preparation, see the Author Guidelines of the journal. We encourage the use of the Word template for Forum Articles. This document also contains additional information for authors. Submit your manuscript at: