Nominations Sought for AATG Board of Directors


AATG is seeking nominations for the 2023 election to fill three positions on the Board of Directors.

  • post-secondary person (college/university) from any region to serve as Vice-President in 2024–2025, as President in 2026–2027, and as Immediate Past President in 2028-29.

  • pre-collegiate (K-12) Representative from the Midwest Region. The term of office for this position is 2024-2026.
    Chapters in the Midwest region: Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

  • A post-secondary (college/university) Representative from the Northeast Region. The term of office for this position is 2024-2026.
    Chapters in the Northeast region: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Northern New England (Vermont and New Hampshire), Central New York, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Rochester, and Rhode Island.

The Board of Directors is the elected, policy-making body of the AATG. You can find more information on responsibilities of Board members here. All candidates for office must be current members of the Association and for at least the two years prior to their nomination.

AATG encourages self-nominations. To nominate yourself or another member, complete the online nomination form here -- nomination due date extended to May 15, 2023. (member login required).

Inquiries may be sent to Brett Sterling, University of Arkansas, chair of the Nominating Committee.