AATG Opposes WVU Cuts: Please add your name in support of students and teachers


It goes without saying that AATG opposes the cuts in languages at WVU. Our board is actively working on actions and strategies to address these egregious cuts that harm students, faculty, the West Virginian community and the University itself. Please sign the petition from the department itself. Pass it on, repost, and amplify the words of our colleagues:

"West Virginia University is planning to eliminate instruction of all world languages and cultures and replace it with language learning apps and outsourced online classes. This decision threatens not only the economic opportunities that come with language proficiency, particularly for students in economically depressed areas like Appalachia, but also our cultural diversity.

Today, the ability to communicate with international partners or clients gives graduates a competitive edge when entering the job market, as knowledge of more than one language is increasingly sought after by employers across various industries.  And learning world languages has proven benefits beyond language proficiency. It enhances cognitive abilities, promotes cultural understanding, improves communication skills in the first language, and fosters empathy towards diverse communities.

By eliminating world language, cultures, and linguistics courses at WVU, the university administration is limiting WVU students' potential for success both locally and globally. They will be isolated from diverse cultures and perspectives and hindered in their ability to compete in a globalized job market. Access to quality education, including world languages, is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty and providing a brighter future for West Virginia. By eliminating world language and linguistics courses from WVU's offerings, the university is depriving students of an essential tool that can open doors to new opportunities.

In light of these facts, we urge the administration of West Virginia University to reconsider their decision and preserve world languages, cultures, and linguistics as an integral part of the university curriculum. WVU students should be empowered with valuable language skills and ensure a brighter future for Appalachia. West Virginia deserves a flagship university that serves the needs of its people; no university worthy of the name would eliminate world language study.

Together, we can make a difference and advocate for the preservation of world languages, cultures, and linguistics at WVU!"