FL-A-CH Award

This award honors excellence in the teaching of the language and cultures of Austria, the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Südtirol in the US. German educators may be recognized for developing materials and activities for use in the classroom, research and scholarship, and/or leadership in projects that promote these cultures at home and abroad.

Each year, one member of the AATG teaching community from any level (K-16) will be recognized by governmental agencies from Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein for demonstrated achievements in the teaching of the language and cultures of the FL-A-CH countries.

The dossier should provide clear evidence of:

  • Learner-centered instruction
  • Communication-based instruction
  • Creative curriculum design and instruction with a focus on Austria, Switzerland, Fürstentum Liechtenstein and/or Südtirol
  • New contributions to the profession for the teaching of the language and cultures of the FL-A-CH countries
  • Leadership in promoting Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland inside and outside the classroom and/or in the German profession

The dossier should include:

  • nominating cover letter
  • curriculum vita
  • letters of support
  • other relevant materials

The nominee may be consulted in creating the award dossier. An individual may be nominated for only one award.
Maximum dossier length is 20 pages. 
Upload the nomination dossier as one document (PDF or Word document) here
Nominations must be submitted by July 15 annually.