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Due: Honorary Members and Fellows Nominations

Recurring Event
Next Date: Sunday, September 1, 2024

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Honorary Members are distinguished Germanists or specialists in second language acquisition with a focus on Deutsch als Fremdsprache. They are recognized scholars of international stature who have contributed to the advancement of Germanic studies in the fields of literary studies, linguistics, second language acquisition, or pedagogy, or distinguished K-12 educators with significant regional and/or national impact.

Honorary Fellows are distinguished men and women of letters. Distinguished men and women of letters is to be interpreted in a broad sense. They may be distinguished scholars or professionals in German studies fields outside language and literature; or they may be creative writers or essayists.

Nominations for Honorary Members and Fellows: Active AATG members may nominate persons to the committee chair. This may be done independently or through an AATG chapter. Nominations are due annually on September 1.

More information on honorary members and fellows, including how to nominate someone, is available here: