Special Interest Groups

AATG's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow members exciting new opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues who share mutual professional interests. AATG members can join the SIGs of their choice for continuous networking and information sharing on a specific topic or area of interest. Visit the SIG webpage to join the SIG. 

  • Alle lernen Deutsch SIG supports students and teachers from underrepresented groups in the teaching and learning of German and creates materials for the German classroom that highlight the diversity of German-speaking countries.
  • Community Colleges SIG focuses on issues specific to AATG members teaching at two-year colleges in the US.
  • FLACH SIG promotes the teaching of Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Austria, South Tyrol, and Switzerland (CH) in German language instruction K-16.
  • German for Professional Purposes SIG focuses on the study of Fachdeutsch and the integration of business, technology, science, and engineering in German instruction in the US.
  • Kinder- und Jugendliteratur SIG promotes the use of children’s and adolescent literature in the teaching and learning of the German language and cultures of the German speaking countries.
  • Sprach- und Samstagsschulen SIG focuses on curricular and pedagogical issues of particular interest to AATG members who teach and work at the Sprach- und Samstagsschulen in the US.

Interested in creating a new SIG? A SIG may be formed by a group of 25 or more AATG members. Start by completing this form. The Board of Directors approves the formation of each SIG and periodically reviews SIG activity.