Information for Teachers and Chaperones

Members of AATG can immerse themselves in German and gain new experiences in Germany as chaperones of an AATG German Summer Study Program group.

Tell your students. The AATG German Summer Study Program provides an excellent opportunity for students to travel to Germany for a language study and homestay experience.

Students attend classes at a Gesamtschule (high school), live with the family of a host sibling who attends the school, visit regional attractions, and experience the German language and culture firsthand. Students return speaking German better - with a greater sense of confidence, maturity, and independence. The program, started in 1978, is sponsored in cooperation with the German government's Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD).

Be a chaperone. AATG is looking for dedicated German teachers to serve as chaperones for the AATG German Summer Study Program for High School Students. The American chaperone is the main point of contact for the American students and helps lead the group on excursions. As a chaperone, you will travel to and from Germany with a group of approximately 12 students. While in Germany, you will serve as one of two chaperones, the second being your German KursleiterIn, teach at least two hours of classes daily, and act as the liaison between the KursleiterIn, the school, the host families, and the students. AATG covers round-trip airfare to Germany, professional liability insurance, a per diem to cover expenses on site and a small stipend for the chaperone. Chaperones usually live with a German host who provides room and board, or in private accommodations. 

AATG handles all the details, such as training and orientation, flight arrangements, student placement in groups, and matching each chaperone with a German Course Director. The Course Director, a teacher at the host Gesamtschule, is responsible for the administration and composition of the program and planning excursions.

Application Materials & Deadline: The deadline to apply as a chaperone is February 1, 2024. You can preview the application here

Apply to be a chaperone in 2024 here!

For more information on being a chaperone or sending students to Germany with AATG, contact Director of Programs Veronika Burney.