Delta Phi Alpha Funding

NEW for 2024!  
Delta Phi Alpha presents the  
National Award for Undergraduate Students of German 

In an effort to recognize undergraduate students of German, Delta Phi Alpha is launching a new pilot award program open to all Delta Phi Alpha members.  

The scholarship will be awarded to students who show how they use their German in their studies and their plans for using German post-graduation. This can be study abroad in a German-speaking country, graduate studies, career goals, apprenticeships, military service, volunteer and service years, or fellowships in the German-speaking world like Fulbright or CBYX. 


Eligible students must: 

  • be a member of their university’s Delta Phi Alpha chapter 

  • currently be enrolled in an undergraduate institution or a recent graduate of no more than 6 months 

  • not previously have won an award or scholarship from Delta Phi Alpha 


The scholarship will be awarded to students in the form of a certificate and a cash award of $500. The number of cash prizes available each year, and the cash prize amounts awarded annually are dependent on current funding. 

How to Apply 

It’s easy! Students who qualify for the scholarship submit applications online.  Students will submit a brief essay in German (10-20 sentences) answering these questions: 

  • Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, and your school. 
  • Why are you learning German?
  • How are you using German and how do you plan to use German in the future?  

Note: Students cannot save and return to the application – when you start, it must be filled in completely. 

Apply today!

Applications are due March 15, 2024, at 11:59 pm Eastern. Award winners will be notified in April. 

Professor Recommendation 

The applicant’s German professor/instructor should submit a short recommendation online via this link.