September Call for Papers: Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German (57.2 Fall 2024)

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German

This special issue of Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German (57.2 Fall 2024) will be published in parallel with a special issue under the same title – Form – in our  sister-journal The German Quarterly. We are soliciting original manuscripts for consideration as either Research or Praxis Articles in either English or German.

Form is a wide and varied concept in Language Education and in the teaching of German. The aim of this special issue is to discuss ‘form’ from various perspectives and in different (teaching) contexts. Therefore we are providing only an indicative list of relevant areas, questions, and challenges in the teaching of German language, culture(s), and societies:

  • Form in language education: general considerations
  • Negotiation of meaning vs. negotiation of form in the language classroom
  • Form-focused instruction in the 21st century and grammar instruction 
  • Pronunciation as form
  • Linguistic form as choice and as constraint
  • Linguistic forms as a gateway or gatekeeper to increased inclusivity and social justice
  • Positioning and politeness: learners in transcultural communication
  • Teaching writing in new digital genres, e.g., texting and social media
  • Artificial form: the impact of AI tools on students’ work, e.g., ChatGPT or Deep L
  • The place and role of stylistics, register, rhetorics, dialects, linguistic varieties etc. in German as a second language
  • Literary form in the teaching of German
  • Form in action: drama pedagogy
  • Form in translation: teaching and praxis

Preference will be given to manuscripts that include empirical evidence and/or demonstrate a sound theoretical basis. Contributions that address contexts other than the US are particularly encouraged.  Discuss your manuscript idea informally with the co-editors by writing to

  • Expression of interest (abstract of 200 words): November 3, 2023
    (as email attachment  to
  • Notification of abstract acceptance:  November 17, 2023
  • Deadline for manuscript submission:  March 31, 2024
  • Publication of of issue 57.2 (special issue on Form)
    in  Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German  November 2024

Editors: Karin Baumgartner ( and Mathias Schulze (