AI in language Instruction

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World Languages Education in Times of Artificial Intelligence HOW ARE WE TO TEACH LANGUAGES NOW? 

Sophisticated AI-powered tools are entering mainstream education, a central concern has emerged: How are we to teach languages now? In this professional development series, we invite German educators and world languages educators to rethink language instruction and discuss about what linguistic competence means in times of machine learning. 

In this five-part-series offered through the Goethe-Institue, in person and online, we will discuss practical examples such as implementing game-based learning in daily teachings, adding XR-tools to your instruction, using CHATGPT´s assistance in lesson planning and curriculum design, as well as discuss more broader questions such as: What are we to do with teaching pedagogy that has served us well throughout decades? What translates easily into AI and what can we discard? How can we effectively integrate modern technologies into our daily curricula? How do we facilitate learning paths that speak to the changing needs of our learners? Lastly, but even more so importantlyhow do we protect our students from the potentially dangerous pitfalls of AI?