AATG Professional Development Endowed Fund Grant

The AATG Professional Development Fund is an endowed fund established in 2021, the purpose of which will be to support teachers in professional development at all levels of instruction, with preference given to professional development opportunities that occur within a German-speaking country. To donate to the principal of the fund, use our online donation portal.

Questions can be directed to Mike Shaughnessy, Executive Director at mike@aatg.org.

“I would love to visit Germany again.” Once we become teachers, our focus so often shifts to our students, their learning, their experiences, their successes. If you have found it challenging to focus on your own development as a German speaker and a German teacher, then this funding is for you.

What would help you increase your German linguistic and cultural proficiency? Want to influence your classroom instruction positively? Let the AATG provide you with a stipend of $1,700 to make it happen this year. For 2024, there are three available stipends ($1,700 each). All actively teaching AATG members are eligible.

Not currently an AATG member? Join now and apply for this funding in 2025!


1. Currently an AATG member, uninterrupted for at least the prior 12 months.

2. Actively teaching in a public or private institution.

3. Submission of a simple application on the following prompts.

  • Personal Narrative: Tell us your story in no more than 500 words. Please submit a short professional biography in narrative form that describes:
    1. the setting in which you currently teach or will teach
    2. your need to increase your German linguistic and cultural proficiency
    3. your need to become a better teacher 
    4. the potential impact this grant will have on your institution. Help AATG understand how this grant will help you become a better lifelong learner. Preference is given to plans that help teachers improve their German linguistic proficiency.

  • Plan for Funding: Tell us your plan in no more than 500 words. Please submit a short statement that describes:
    1. how will you spend the $1,700?
    2. how does this experience provide you with stronger linguistic and/or cultural skills? Preference is given to plans that involve international experiences and experiences that occur in the German language in structured programs, however other ideas are welcome!

4. Grantees will be asked to write a reflection after their experience. They may also be invited to join a virtual networking meeting with AATG committee members/staff to help create other ways to share information about this grant in the future.  

Rubric for selection of recipients

Grant goal

Personal Narrative

Plan for Funding

Demonstrated or expressed need to increase language and/cultural proficiency

Potential impact on the institution where the applicant teaches.

Demonstrated need for professional development

Potential for lifelong learning

Structured program.

Some preference given if in a German- speaking country

Structured program occurs in German

  • Application Deadline: March 31, 2024
  • Decisions will be made within two weeks (April 15)

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