AATG Outstanding German Educator Award

Recognizes excellence in teaching and outstanding contributions to the German teaching profession. Awards are presented to: an elementary, middle school or junior high school educator; a high school educator; and a post-secondary educator.

A nominee’s dossier should document five or more years of demonstrated excellence in German education; active membership in the local AATG chapter; creative leadership in German language education; impact in local, state, or national arenas; and continued growth as a German educator.

The following factors should be considered:

  Excellence in teaching

    Knowledge of subject matter
      Functions with a high degree of proficiency in German
      Knows and understands the cultures of the German-speaking world
      Uses knowledge of subject matter to involve and direct students in meaningful learning
      Uses methods which foster language acquisition
    Awareness of students’ learning
      Develops student proficiencies, increases their knowledge, strengthens their cultural
      Creates an inclusive, caring and challenging learning environment
      Fosters critical and creative thinking in students
      Sets goals which insure that all students have the opportunity to learn
      Differentiates instruction
    Student rapport
      Values each student as an individual
      Encourages open communication with students and parents
      Promotes fairness, equity and strength through diversity
    Intellectual growth of students
      Helps students understand how their learning can be applied
      Helps students develop an awareness of other points of view

Professional growth and contributions

  Continues development and growth in subject area and teaching strategies
  Collaborates in curriculum development and assessment
  Shares knowledge and experience through professional writings or presentations
  Demonstrates leadership in professional organizations on the in local, state, or national level

The dossier should include:

  • nominating cover letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • letters of support
  • other relevant materials

The nominee may be consulted in creating the award dossier. An individual may be nominated for only one award. 
Maximum dossier length is 30 pages. 
Upload the nomination dossier as one document (PDF or Word document) here.
Nominations must be submitted by July 15 Annually.