Summer Study Locations 2023

Sassenburg, Lower Saxony

The city of Sassenburg (population 11,000) is located in Lower Saxony, just 15 miles northwest of Wolfsburg, home of the world’s biggest car plant and the Volkswagen headquarters. The nearby Großes Moor (“Great Bog”) and Bernsteinsee (Bernstein Lake) offer plenty of recreational opportunities. The city of Hanover is also within driving distance. Program participants attend the Integrierte Gesamtschule Sassenburg, an Europaschule with a strong focus on intercultural learning.


Bovenden, Lower Saxony

Located near the Leine river, the city of Bovenden (population of 13,900) is home to the Integrierte Gesamtschule Bovenden, a German high school with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, and returning program site in 2023. Outside of school activities, program participants get to explore nearby attractions, such as the Plesse Castle, and enjoy day trips to the cities of Kassel and Goslar, and the university city of Göttingen.

Wölfersheim, Hesse 

Surrounded by several recreational areas (Naherholungsgebiete) and located just north of Frankfurt, Wölfersheim's Singbergschule is a returning host site for 2023. (Check out the host school’s article about the 2022 program here). The town (population 9,800) and surrounding areas offer a plethora of hiking and biking trails and lakes for outdoor recreation. Larger cities such as Bad Nauheim and, of course, Frankfurt, are within driving distance for further exploring.

Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein

Located just north of Hamburg, the city of Pinneberg (population 43,000) is home to the Johann-Comenius-Schule Thesdorf, the German high school hosting our program participants. Both the school and the city offer various opportunities for recreational and cultural activities. And between the nearby North Sea and the metropolis of Hamburg, there is plenty to explore in the area as well.


Kellinghusen, Schleswig-Holstein 

The town of Kellinghusen (population of 8,200) with its beautiful red brick buildings is situated on the Stör River north of Hamburg, Germany. Close to both the big city and the North Sea, Kellinghusen is known as a Luftkurort (a health resort) and popular destination for visitors. The town is home to the Gemeinschaftsschule Kellinghusen, the local host school for program participants. 


Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg

The city of Heidelberg (population 160,300), best known for its romantic cityscape, its castle, the university, and the Philosopher’s Walk, is a returning course site in 2023. Both a scientific hub and city of literature, Heidelberg has plenty to offer in terms of education, culture, and tourism. The host school, the Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg, has a long history of hosting student exchanges with partner schools from all over the world.


Höchst, Hesse

Located in the Odenwald region of Hesse, Germany, Höchst (population 10,000) is surrounded by a nature park and preserve and boasts several historical and cultural attractions, such as a fairytale-themed hiking path and remnants of a Roman “villa rustica.” The larger cities of Darmstadt and Frankfurt are only a short 30- and 60-minute drive away and offer additional entertainment and attractions. Program participants will attend classes at the Ernst-Göbel-Schule, a Gesamtschule with a strong focus on art, culture, and STEM fields.