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Kristi Senden


I have taught high school German in Anchorage, Alaska for 16 years. I am a member of the Goethe Trainer-Netzwerk and the current president of the Alaska AATG Chapter. I just returned from my 7th GAPP exchange, and I would love to network with teachers in your area.

Combining German Legends with Summer Fun
This is a unit that I thought up a few years ago, I use it at the start of the school year in my mixed-level advanced class to link the students' interests, such as fishing, hunting, swimming, camping to famous German poems/legends. Erlkönig hunts the child, so we learn that poem with hunting vocab. Keywords: Literatur im Unterricht

Differentiating the Multi-Level Language Classroom through Simulations
I will present 4 simulations I use in my advanced class, which allow level 3 students to grow in their learning as much as AP students. Simulations include, enacting court room trials, writing emails with a 'college roommate', European Union Parliament, and a Valentines project. Keywords: Teaching Strategies

Kunst in der Hand
I created (with 3 Netzwerk colleagues) a ton of ideas for activities that teachers can use to get students to talk, using famous works of art, in postcard form, to inspire the conversations. The idea is to work in cultural literacy but still focus on speaking. Keywords: Kunst im Unterricht, Teaching Strategies

Creating a Bond--Using Imitative Games to Create a Group that Keeps Students in Language Study
With this presentation I want to illustrate how easy it can be to incorporate initiative games into the language classroom, and how essential that is, for creating trust, and buy in into the group. I use these as curriculum (escaping over the Berlin Wall) and to gel my exchange groups. Keywords: History and Culture, Study Abroad/Exchange Programs, Teaching Strategies

Starting a Declamation Contest and/or a GAPP Exchange
I have taken over the beast of coordinating our district wide language competition, in which over 500 students participate, and I have been coordinating GAPP exchanges for 14 years. I would be happy to share materials and insights on both experiences. Keywords: Promoting German, Study Abroad/Exchange Programs

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