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Beth Smith


It's All About Input: Using Authentic Materials in Class
It is imperative that students learn to process authentic materials in the classroom. We want them to learn "real" and not textbook language. This presentation will show participants how to choose and use the authentic materials so necessary for language development. Keywords: Authentic Resources

Assessment: Assessing to Learn What Students can do with the Language.
Often students are given tests or assessments which aim to learn what they don't know. They are "gotcha" moments for the teachers. This presentation will show participants how to develop both formative and cumulative assessments which show what a student can do with the language assessment. Keywords: Assessment

What's in a Theme? Preparing Thematic Units
This presentation will help participants choose a theme and find authentic materials to support that theme. Ideally, this thematic unit could be cycled through more than one level of language learning to reinforce vocabulary and structure needed to discuss it. Keywords: Teaching Strategies

Vocabulary: The Bane of a Teacher's Existence
We know we have to teach vocabulary, but how? How can we help students improve their vocabulary without lists? Participants will be given ways of increasing vocabulary based on need, usage and authentic materials. Keywords: Teaching Strategies

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