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William B. Fischer


BA, PhD Yale. Portland State Univ. (World Languages), 1978-. Director, first-year German (1980-2014). Courses: teacher-ed (general methods, technology, assessment, content-based instruction); German for workplace & profession; science fiction; Hörspiel; Alexander von Humboldt. Selected publications: Wie, bitte? First-year German for Proficiency (now as apps); articles in UP, CALICO Journal, SFS; book The Empire Strikes Out (about German SF); local and state ed committees. - STEM.US: Resources for Developing Real-World Competencies in German+STEM
AATG-funded grant project and related teacher-education support. Keywords: Curriculum, German for Professional Purposes, Technology

SpeakEasy: Advanced German Course Creates Student-Run Entrepreneurship
Course develops sustainability-oriented entrepreneurship that produces & markets multilingual greeting cards printed on paper made from recycled elephant dung. Profits being reinvested in course. Keywords: German for Professional Purposes

Wie, bitte? Introductory German for Proficiency - software and apps
Complete first-year German program delivered on desktops/laptops & mobiles, in use 10+ years instead of textbook; can serve as demo for teachers who want to develop apps. Keywords: Technology

Origins of Sustainable Environmentalism: Alexander von Humboldt
Sophomore Inquiry course (in English); advanced German course (in German); student-centered, hands-on learning, including STEM subjects. Keywords: Environmental Issues

"What Watch, Treasure?" - Popular Movie-TV Clips about Learning Foreign Languages
Mass-culture image of language teaching and learning; helps teachers understand students, helps student understand language learning. Keywords: Film/TV

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