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Webinars On Demand — FL-A-CH Länder


2019 FL-A-CH Webinar Series (On Demand)


This Webinar series offers hands-on approaches for incorporating information about Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland in your German language classroom from a variety of perspectives. These exciting online professional development opportunities are now available to be viewed On Demand!

Take advantage of our special offer: Purchase all four FL-A-CH Webinars (On Demand) for the special AATG member price of $40 - you get four Webinars for the price of two. You can also purchase individual Webinars by using the link below the Webinar description.


Focus on Business: Liechtenstein and Austria
Presenters: Astrid Weigert and Julia Ruck

Powerfrauen: Teaching about
Women in FL-A-CH

Presenters: Margaret Gonglewski, Ester Eichler, Christopher Gwin

Teaching STEM with a FL-A-CH Focus: Swiss Photography and Austrian Salt
Presenters: Melanie Mello and Cindi Hodgdon

Swiss and Austrian Film in the Classroom
Presenters: Karin Baumgartner and Amanda Sheffer

Focus on Business: Liechtenstein and Austria

Klein aber fein: Wirtschaftsstandort Liechtenstein
Have your students ever heard of the Principality of Liechtenstein? The small country makes for an excellent case study in a business-related unit or course. We will take a look at an official promotional video on Wirtschaftsstandort Liechtenstein and ways in which our students can engage with this audio-visual material in terms of content and language on various instructional levels.
100% aus Österreich: Kultur & Marketing in Werbespots
How are forms of cultural identification used as a marketing strategy in commercials? Video commercials are a prime resource to explore how cultural identities are constructed through language, images, and sound. In this webinar you will get to know video commercials as well as approaches on how to teach language and culture on various instructional levels through a focus on Austrian businesses and their marketing strategies. Click to buy this Webinar

Astrid Weigert is Teaching Professor at Georgetown University and has 20 years of experience in teaching courses on business culture in the German-speaking world. From 2014 to 2018 she chaired the AATG committee on German for Professional Purposes and is currently a member of the FLACH committee. She is a regular attendee and presenter at the annual AATG conference.
Julia Ruck is Assistant Professor of Second Language Studies at Webster Vienna Private University where she coordinates the German language program. She has taught German in Austria, the United States, Uruguay, Brazil, and Russia. She serves as a member of the DACHL-Gremium of the IDV and regularly holds workshops and seminars for the Austrian Ministry of Education, Research and Science.
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Teaching STEM with a FL-A-CH Focus: Swiss Photography and Austrian Salt

In this webinar participants will gain an overview of two STEAM inspired units that focus on the FLACH countries. In her mini-unit on contemporary Swiss photography Melanie Mello will showcase how German, Physics, and Art can be combined in a curiosity sparking, creative learning experience in which students learn about the mechanics of the camera obscura. In her mini-unit on salt, Cindi Hodgdon will show how chemistry, biology, history, and German can create interest in science in German, the Salzburg region in Austria, and ice cream. Click to buy this Webinar.

Melanie Mello teaches German at Chandler High School in Chandler, Arizona. She has taught German for over eleven years at the K-16 level in the USA and in Germany. Besides being passionate about promoting and advocating for the teaching and learning of the German language and cultures, she shares a true passion for creating teaching materials for the STEM enhanced classroom. She is president of the Arizona Language Association and the Arizona Chapter of AATG. Past chair of the FLACH Committee, she is a coach in the Goethe-Institut German Teacher Coaching Program. Melanie is the 2019 SWCOLT Teacher of the Year.
Cindi Hodgdon teaches German at ConVal Regional High School, a PASCH school in Peterborough, New Hampshire. She organizes a student exchange with a Gymnasium in Salzburg and is increasing the amount of time she spends on STEM in her classroom. She is president of the Northern New England Chapter of AATG, board member of the New Hampshire World Language Association, and is currently working on bringing the Seal of Biliteracy to the state of NH. A past member of the AATG Board, Cindi was honored as NH World Language Teacher of the Year in 2017.
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Powerfrauen: Teaching about Women in FL-A-CH

What do women and FL-A-CH have in common? Both often get too little attention in the typical German language curriculum! Discover fun and engaging lessons with a focus on significant and fascinating history-making women from Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Click to buy this Webinar.

Margaret Gonglewski is Associate Professor of German and International Affairs at the George Washington University, where she has been directing the German Language Program since 1995. She is co-author of the introductory level textbook Treffpunkt Deutsch and has published articles on business language studies, effective use of technology in language teaching, and language program direction.
Ester Eichler is in her 25th year of teaching Levels 1-AP German in the Abington School District in Abington, PA. She also just celebrated the 20th anniversary of her GAPP exchange with Karlsgymnasium in Bad Reichenhall, Bayern. Her presentations at World Language Teaching Conferences focus on reading skills, the integration of art as well as famous women into the World Language Curriculum, and preparation of students for GAPP exchanges.
Christopher Gwin is in his 30th year of teaching, currently teaching courses part time at the high school and at the undergraduate level. His areas of special interest are K-16 articulation, team building and pedagogical sharing in curriculum design, immersion teaching and new teacher recruitment. He sits on the NECTFL Board of Directors and is the Executive Director of the NFMLTA.
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Swiss and Austrian Film in the Classroom

This webinar explores films from the Swiss and Austrian contexts that can be used on all levels in the high school or college setting. Participants will learn about available films – both old and new – that are produced in these countries that also pay special attention to their cultural contexts. Instructional units for the classroom will be presented. Click to buy this Webinar.

Karin Baumgartner is Professor of German at the University of Utah where she teaches German language and literature at all levels. She co-edited From Multiculturalism to Cultural Hybridity: New Approaches to Teaching Modern Switzerland. She served on the AATG Board 2010-2013. In 2016, she received the AATG FL-A-CH award, and in 2017 the ACTFL Nelson Brooks Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Culture.
Amanda Sheffer is Clinical Associate Professor of German at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. where she teaches German on all levels. She is the 2017 recipient of the AATG FL-A-CH award and is the chair of the AATG FL-A-CH committee. She holds a Ph.D. in German from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: DACHL in the Deutschklasse

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein (DACHL) share a common background of both language and cultural attributes, yet all four have developed individual variances in language and culture. This webinar will explore language variations and culture in the four countries. Participants will be introduced to many ideas and sources for materials for their classes. Click to buy this Webinar.

Doug Philipp teaches at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, CO. He has been vice president, president, and currently is secretary/treasurer for Colorado/Wyoming chapter. Doug serves as co-chair for the annual Colorado Sprachbad, is a member of TraiNDaF 2003, has led numerous student trips to Germany, and recently represented the AATG at the IDV DACHL-Landeskunde-Seminar in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Return to top

Incorporating Switzerland into the Curriculum

Learn about Swiss history and contemporary Swiss life, politics, and culture. Particular attention will be paid to current hot button issues including migration. Get acquainted with Swiss literature, music, web resources, and films that can easily be integrated into high school and college German courses! Click to buy this Webinar.

Karin Baumgartner is Associate Professor of German at the University of Utah where she teaches German language and literature at all levels. She is the editor of the bookFrom Multiculturalism to Cultural Hybridity: New Approaches to Teaching Modern Switzerland (2010). She is the author of "’Ich kam unter die Schweizer:’ Teaching Switzerland as a Multi-Ethnic Society." Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German (Fall 2012). She is a member of the AATG Executive board and was a co-chair of the AATG/ACTFL conference in 2009. Return to top

Österreich vertextet. Literatur für Kinder und Jugendliche

How can we make literature meaningful to our students? Based on short literary texts ranging from "traditional“ to "modern" genres, this webinar will discuss benefits and principles of working with literature in the German language classroom. You will get to know not only several short literary texts from or about Austria, but also activities that focus on different levels, skills, and communication modes. Although the materials are geared towards learners between 12 and 18, they can easily be adapted for adult learners. Click to buy this Webinar.

Julia Ruck is a PhD student in German and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Her research interests focus on literacy-based approaches in foreign-language-teaching, teaching culture with film, and contemporary Austrian literature and culture. She has taught German as a Foreign Language in Austria, Russia, Uruguay, and the US and organizes teacher-training seminars on behalf of Kultur und Sprache (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs). Return to top

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