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TEACH GERMAN Day College/University Activities

Get ready for the National TEACH GERMAN Day celebration on October 4! There are several ways for you to get involved on National TEACH GERMAN Day. 

Ideas for college/university students

  • Your students can discover which career, German Professor or German Teacher, is right for them with our fun online quiz. What Career is Right for You? Quiz
  • Have German students write a letter to their high school principal, superintendent, or other administrator thanking them for having a German program and talking about how their German teacher has influenced their lives.
  • Encourage your student German organization(s) to enter the TEACH GERMAN Day video contest.
  • Set up a booth in an area of campus where the German program might not be as widely recognized and pass out literature about being a German teacher/learning German
  • Ready your cameras for a photo shoot with Teach German Day Photo Booth props! Print the designs and cut them out with scissors or an exacto knife, then tape each design to a dowel or stick (wooden chopsticks work well). Be sure to share images with the hashtag #TeachGerman!
  • Play "Are You Smarter than your German Teacher?, Teach German Feud, Think Like Your German Teacher, Teach German Cash Bus", or Jeopardy (download Jeopardy template)
  • Create a German education major mentoring program with new students and junior/senior German education majors
  • Host a National TEACH GERMAN Day event
  • Contact local high school German programs and ask if you can be part of the National TEACH GERMAN Day celebration in their school
  • Organize an afternoon or evening Stammtisch event at a café or restaurant where students in the lower levels can meet up with students in the upper levels and speak German
  • Invite high school German students to visit classes
  • Inform students of special programs, exchanges, and placement opportunities
  • Send students to local and regional high schools, junior highs, or middle schools to promote German
  • Coordinate visits to local companies that are German or have affiliations with German-speaking countries
  • Ask German companies in the area to create internship positions at home or abroad
  • Organize a conference with colleagues from different disciplines pertaining to German or European culture
  • Contact local elementary and middle schools and ask if you can host a National TEACH GERMAN Day celebration in their school
  • Coordinate with the music teacher at your institution to host a German music concert for all students
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