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TEACH GERMAN Day 7-12 Activities

Get ready for the National TEACH GERMAN Day celebration on October 4! There are several ways for you to get involved on National TEACH GERMAN Day. 

Ideas for Middle/High School Students

  • Your students can discover which career, German Professor or German Teacher, is right for them with our fun online quiz What Career is Right for You? Quiz
  • Encourage your student German organization(s) to enter the TEACH GERMAN Day Video Contest.
  • Share your individual path to becoming a German teacher and encourage your students to ask you questions about your career.
  • Ready your cameras for a photo shoot with Teach German Day Photo Booth props! Print the designs and cut them out with scissors or an exacto knife, then tape each design to a dowel or stick (wooden chopsticks work well). Be sure to share images with the hashtag #TeachGerman!
  • Tell students they have a guest career speaker for the day. Require the students to ask the guest speaker questions about their career. Then go out into the hall and come back in and say the guest career speaker for the day is “Frau Deutschlehrerin/Herr Deutschlehrer” (you).
  • Identify a student you think would be a good German teacher and send them a TEACH GERMAN card.
  • Show your students what led you to a career as a teacher of German and what you love about your job with the Interview your German Teacher Worksheet.
  • Play "Are You Smarter than your German Teacher?, Teach German Feud, Think Like Your German Teacher, Teach German Cash Bus, or Teach German Day Jeopardy (download Jeopardy template)
  • Have the students be the teacher for the day. Put them in charge of the class for 10 minutes; they have to create a meaningful lesson on a topic of their choice with instructor pre-approval.
  • Host a university student or former student who is currently studying German or using German in their career to share his or her experiences.
  • Make arrangements for students to design and present lessons at elementary and middle schools.
  • Host a German story hour event at the local library or community center.
  • Host a Learn German event during lunch and have students teach 10 people 10 German words or a song.
  • Host an Ententanz dance-off on campus.
  • Hold a German Karaoke event in the school commons.
  • Bring in speakers from the education department at colleges/universities that offer German teacher training.
  • Organize a photo op for the school mascot or school principal and TEACH GERMAN Day mascot Hannah.
  • Visit language classes at nearby colleges or universities.
  • Ask college professors to speak with high school students about their programs.
  • Visit middle and elementary schools to talk about German programs.
  • Have advanced students teach a mini-course in local elementary schools.
  • Coordinate lesson plans with colleagues from other disciplines during National German Week.
  • Participate in activities with German clubs from other schools or coordinate a special event with another school.
  • Visit local or regional companies that are German or have affiliations with German-speaking countries.
  • Hold a Stammtisch in the cafeteria.
  • Give out Kuchen on campus to students and teachers who speak some German.
  • Put a chocolate or gummy bears in each teacher's mailbox along with a message about National German Week.
  • Celebrate an Oktoberfest with beer mug-holding contest, root beer, bratwurst, pretzels, and polka contest.
  • Organize Kaffee und Kuchen for the faculty, served by German students.
  • Sponsor breakfast for faculty and staff served by the German Club.
  • Arrange a German food day menu for the whole school with cafeteria workers. Translate the lunch menu into German.
  • Host a German dinner for parents and students and have students present skits and songs.
  • Sponsor a homeroom trivia contest with cake for the winning homeroom.
  • Have German students teach friends and family German phrases and give treats to learners for speaking German and extra credit to the students.
  • Develop a quiz on city names in the US with German origins.
  • Find names of German ancestry on the football roster.
  • Provide a German Fact-A-Day during school announcements.
  • Make posters with trivia to post around school.
  • Have students research famous German-Americans and display reports and posters in the hallway.
  • Survey faculty to see who has learned German and publicize the list.
  • Have student music groups perform German works before school in the commons area.
  • Play German rock music before school in your hallway or over intercom.
  • Ask choral music teacher to perform a German piece at a fall concert.
  • Sponsor a dance where German techno/pop/hip hop music is played.
  • Sponsor a "Dress like a German Day" with prizes.
  • Hold a guess the number of Gummi Bears in a jar contest.
  • Label places in the building in German.
  • Distribute buttons promoting German to administrators and cafeteria workers.
  • Conduct mini-seminars during the week on German music, fairy tales, business German.
  • Invite graduates to share how their studies of German language and culture helped them.
  • Offer to be guest speaker in social studies classes.
  • Prepare a cognate list and lesson for English teachers.
  • Display student projects in school media center or commons area.
  • Send flowers (red, black, and gold/yellow carnations) to the school secretaries.
  • Send a letter and promotional information to school board members and invite them to events.
  • Make a presentation at the monthly school board meeting.
  • Put up bulletin boards in elementary schools, nursing homes, and churches about National German Week.
  • Create a display in the local library.
  • Give samples of German candy at the entrance to a store with a poster advertising the week.
  • Sell German candy during the week.
  • Invite people into your classroom/school for foreign goodies, music and/or other entertainment.
  • Put flyers on cars in parking lots.
  • Have a guest speaker share the importance of learning German with students and adults.
  • Host a German movie night for all students. Serve sugared popcorn and Spezi.
  • Give students little passports and carry around a rubber stamp. If they greet you in the hall and say something in German, they get a stamp. Give a prize for the most stamps.
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