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Member Testimonials

I (and my program) have benefited greatly from the many resources AATG offers its members: Insights from the Unterrichtspraxis and Neues Curriculum along with the AATG email list have found their way into my university’s language program, and the generous professional development programs the organization sponsors abroad have allowed me not only to learn about new approaches to teaching German but also to meet talented and dedicated German teachers from other institutions and develop lasting friendships in the profession. Being part of this dynamic learning community is the reason why I belong to AATG.

Cori Crane
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

I have benefited greatly as a teacher and as person from AATG. I am proud to be a part of such a FANTASTIC organization. Being a part of this group, allows me not to feel so alone as I "fight the fight" to promote the learning of German! Believe me, I have days where I ask myself, "why am I doing this?" but this organization and its members motivate me to keep that fire burning and continue trying to win the "fight".

Linda Zins-Adams
Archbishop Moeller High School
Cincinnati, OH

For all of my professional career, AATG has been the vibrant institutional home and steady anchor for the work we all care about: giving students in the United States the opportunity to learn about, understand, perhaps even fall in love with "things German.” It assures continuity for our past work and shapes our vision of the future; it supports our diverse present activities and challenges us to seize new opportunities for further development; it gives voice to our concerns and draws on our expertise to the benefit of the entire foreign language profession; it recognizes our work and celebrates the accomplishments of our students. For all these reasons AATG richly deserves to be part of our professional identity!

Heidi Byrnes
Georgetown University
Washington, DC

AATG has always provided me with a path to my career. As a graduate student, the AATG introduced me to a network of dedicated teachers and advocates for German language. As a professor, I have numerous professional development opportunities. As a program director and chair, the AATG gives me the opportunity to network nationwide and has made me a strong advocate for German and foreign language education. Even in a small German program, I never feel isolated knowing that I can reach out to my AATG colleagues across the nation and connect with experts instantly.

Michael Shaughnessy
Washington and Jefferson College
Pittsburgh, PA

I am a member of AATG because I am a professional educator and AATG is the professional organization that represents me. What I pay in dues each year is more than rewarded with benefits I get from AATG. Just as doctors belong to the AMA, German teachers need to belong to AATG. Membership in AATG puts me in contact with some of the finest educators in the USA and around the world.

Doug Philipp
Cheyenne Mountain High School
Colorado Springs, CO

Encouraging all of us to learn, serve, and be involved, the AATG systematically strives to make certain that the various sectors of our profession, from Kindergarten through Graduate School, work together on behalf of our students. I have not only received an education from participating in the AATG, but have made many contacts and friends. Most exciting and rewarding of all, the vigor, flexibility and ambition of the AATG has provided me with the chance to test ideas, to try to make a difference, and to help foster the next generation of teachers of German.

Lynne Tatlock
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO

AATG members inspire me. Being a member of AATG pushes me towards achievements in my career that I wouldn't have dreamed of. I don't know how other teachers stay abreast of new trends, technology, teaching materials and pedagogy without an organization like AATG.

Peg Meyers
Mt. Lebanon High School
Pittsburgh, PA

The only way we will ever be able to move anything forward is if we stand together. If others see German teachers as part of a coherent profession, they will be more willing and ready to support German and see that it is offered in schools. Being a member of an association which promotes professionalism strengthens anyone's position who is in the business of teaching German.

Eckhard Kuhn-Osius
Hunter College
New York, NY

The AATG it the most active professional FL organization of any language out there – look at our representation at any and all conferences! As a member, I get inside information on study opportunities, workshops, teaching materials for teachers, and study opportunities for students.

J. Douglas Guy
Beverly High School
Beverly, MA

I am retired, but my time as a German teacher was not a job, it was a profession and a passion, and I feel a responsibility to continue to support the AATG as a partial return on the many benefits I have received, and as an investment in the future of German in the US educational system.

Barry Thomas
Athens, OH

If lawyers and judges belong to the ABA, and medical doctors to the AMA, why shouldn’t we as professionals, who teach German or do research in the field, be members of the AATG? If I hadn't been introduced to the AATG as a grad student, I might never have found the success I've had as a teacher. It never ceases to amaze me how energetic, creative and dedicated my colleagues in the AATG are.

John Stark
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Aurora, IL

My membership has enabled me to develop a quality program that matters to families who demand that the board of education continue to offer German. I cannot envision a year of teaching without the immediate connection to my colleagues through the many avenues of the AATG.

Christopher Gwin
Haddonfield Memorial High School
Haddonfield, NJ

Every AATG seminar I attend and issue of Unterrichtspraxis I read makes me a better professional. AATG allows me to stay on top of current trends in DaF/FL education, gives me insights into new materials, and exposes me to post-secondary German education issues and needs.

Bobbette Leu-Timmermann
Assumption High School
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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