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Meet the Endowed Scholars

The AATG Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 to support study abroad in German-speaking countries for students. To date the fund has sent over 50 high school students abroad for summer study. Each student has returned home filled with language, new experiences and perspectives.

Please consider becoming a patron of this fund and supporting the future of German studies in North America. Visit the fund's page to make a donation now. Investing today provides life changing experience through study abroad to students for generations to come.

Find out more about the recipients of the Endowed Scholarship and their experiences in Germany!

2019 Scholarship recipients

Jada Blessing
Brownsburg High School
Brownsburg, IN
One of the most important things I learned was how to completely open myself up to a new 'world' of culture without making ignorant assumptions or judgement. This open-mindedness, understanding of another culture, and strengthened grasp on the German language are incredibly important to the path I want my future to take.
Jennie Gao
Los Alamos High School
Los Alamos, NM
My current goals in life are to receive higher education in the STEM field and work as a scientist. Of course, knowing another language opens many paths in helping me study things like scholarly documents in German, but it will also help to create closer relationships with German-speakers I might encounter in the field.
Caledonia Grant
Ripon High School
Ripon, WI
I knew, going in, that I had a decent grasp of the language and culture, but it wasn’t until I got settled in that I realized just how much a certain region can affect both culture and language. My host family spoke in a pretty unique dialect that was admittedly daunting at first, but after the duration of the trip, I was having full-blown conversations at the dinner table.
Quinn Hornback
St. Xavier High School
Louisville, KY
I got to improve my German in so many ways that I had never thought of. Not only did I learn new words and phrases, but also learned how the Germans react to certain situations in a conversation. I also learned how I should go about studying German in the future, and I developed a better German accent than what I had before.
John Manneschmidt
Farragut High School
Knoxville, TN                      After visiting Universität Leipzig, I saw the importance of the German language and how helpful it could be in the future. Before the trip, I simply felt interested in learning more German. After the trip, I feel the need to pursue a minor in German or even a double major.
Sydney Rester
Oxford High School
Oxford, MS
From day-to-day interactions with strangers and relations alike to celebrations to grammatical/proverbial preferences, my understanding of the German lifestyle and colloquial has become better thanks to my stay in Leipzig.

2018 Scholarship recipients

Morgan Allen
Oakville Senior High School
St. Louis, MO
I’m going to take all I’ve experienced and funnel the best things I can into teaching and inspiring deeper engagement from my school into our German program.
Jaden Anderson
Wauwatosa West HS
Wauwatosa, WI
The trip helped me become more of a world citizen with a better understanding of how the world functions together. It taught me valuable lessons about independence and self responsibility.
Tyler Golightly
American Fork HS
American Fork, UT
I want to bring aspects of Germany back, because we can learn a lot from them. We can learn dedication, persistence, hard work, and unity. Germany will always hold a 357,021 km2 part of my heart.
Taylor Graham
Sierra Vista High School
Las Vegas, NV
My confidence overall has improved tremendously. By the end of the trip, I was confidently riding the public busses and trains alone, conversing with other passengers, and I could even effortlessly ask strangers for directions.

Eric Mahoney
Shining Mountain Waldorf School
Boulder, CO
My host family was extraordinarily kind and they helped me explore the German culture to the fullest and most enriching extent. They were the best resource I could have asked for to help me learn.
Sydney Rester
Oxford High School
Oxford, MS
In Germany, I was able to develop insight as to how the alliance between Germany and America along with the many shared cultural aspects between the two countries affects everyday life here in the United States.

2017 Scholarship recipients

Emily Burke
Capital High School
Helena, MT
This is a great opportunity to not only immerse yourself with Germany in a classroom setting, but also to have your own personal experiences to bring back home.
Andrew Clark
Brecksville-Broadview Hts. High School
Broadview, OH
Deutschland war eine fantastische Erfahrung und ich habe viele neue Freunde gemacht. Und jetzt habe ich auch eine deutsche Familie!
Kai Hin Lui
Stuyvesant High School
New York, NY
Traveling abroad is not only academically and culturally fulfilling, but also fosters personal growth. Germany taught me how to enjoy my life, a lesson I will never forget.
Huiwen Miao
Shaker High School
Latham, NY
Learning so much about the people, the culture, and the language would have been impossible without visiting the country myself. German will play a huge part in my future.

Maanasa Narayanamoorthy
Benjamin Franklin HS
New Orleans, LA
Meine drei Wochen in Deutschland waren fantastisch und es hat so viel Spaß gemacht! Ich hoffe, dass ich zurück fliegen kann!

2016 Scholarship recipients

Jack Burgess
Saint Peter's Preparatory
Jersey City, NJ
My time in Germany can best be described as a boon for intellectual maturity and personal interaction. Such a level of immersion was an incredible experience.
Sophia Ebel
Univ. of Ill. Laboratory HS
Urbana, IL
Travelling to Germany has really inspired and motivated me to continue learning German, and I am also now considering German as a possible major in college.
Samuel Hoffman
Manzano High School
Albequerque, NM
My time in Germany gained me so many uncountable gifts. The greatest was the exposure and experience that come with an entirely new environment.
Lily Turner
Falmouth Academy
Falmouth, MA
From this experience, I have not only gained a fluidity in speaking the German language, but also a stronger sense of self and independence.

Joseph Washburn
Mukwonago HS
Mukwonago, WI
I learned greater appreciation for the nuances of the culture and language, from figuring out new eating habits to being able to piece together the logic of German concepts.

2015 Scholarship recipients

Michael Huang
Shaker High School
Latham, NY
I will definitely be making Germany a part of my life as I will return to Germany before I graduate college and after I graduate, I will definitely be making trips to Germany.
Natalie Jones
Central Magnet School
Murfreesboro, TN
Of the skills I improved—independence, learning, communication—there is no doubt the most valuable assets I brought back were the memories and friendships.
Elizabeth Moye
Nequa Valley High School
Naperville, IL
Being around this culture allowed me to be more open to how other people understand the world. I gained much more independence and self-confidence.
Cole Prescott
Champaign Central HS
Champaign, IL
This experience, I can honestly say, has been the best time of my life.The bonds I forged with my new friends were strong and solid.

Hayley Russell
Charlotte Catholic HS
Charlotte, NC
I cannot wait to return. I will continue taking German and want to study abroad. This trip has been eye opening for how empowering it is to learn and use a new language.

2014 Scholarship recipients

Spencer Diem
Belton High School
Belton, TX
During the three weeks, I learned about German culture and ways of life more than anything else. German has the potential to play a huge role in my future.
Deana Jackson
Boise High School
Boise, ID
German will be invaluable when it comes to pursuing a career. This program helped elevate my skills to the next level and I feel very prepared to progress in college.
Erin McMahon
Bethel Park High School
Bethel Park, PA
I never thought three weeks would change my life. I grew more than I ever imagined. Not only did my language skills improve, but my confidence in myself increased.
Anna Sprunger
Fargo South High School
Fargo, ND
I gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of German culture. I strengthened my vocabulary, grammar, and my confidence in speaking the language.

Megan Stanton
Hillsborough High School
Hillsborough, NJ
Being in Germany allowed me to experience the current German culture, rather than just reading about it in school. German will always play a prominent role in my life.
Stephanie Wong
Boulder High School
Boulder, CO
I had the most amazing time in Germany, and it did influence me in deciding that I want German in my future, whether I live in Germany or I major in German.

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Michael Black
Chaminade High School
Mineola, NY
The ability to do such a program while in high school was amazing. I cannot wait to make a return trip with a better understanding of German culture and language.
Alexander Hartig
South High School
Downers Grove, IL
There were many opportunities to see historical sights of southern Germany. Because of my trip, I look forward to going back. Hopefully I'll study there.
Makenna Killman
Hickory High School
Chesapeake, VA
I learned so mucht—About who I am as a person and about German culture and the German language. I look forward to returning to Leipzig to visit my friends again.
Lillian Webster
Nerinx Hall High School
Webster Groves, MO
I can comfortably say that the three weeks I spent in Berlin were among the best of my life. I had an amazing time, having fun while constantly learning new things.

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Kyle Adams
Whitewater High School
Fayetteville, GA
This program helped me broaden my horizons through immersion and become more open to others' views. By living with a family, I gained a better understanding of German culture.
Megan Alpert
Parkview High School
Lilburn, GA
The chance to visit a country whose language I spent four years learning showed me that my hard work and dedication paid off. This experience has helped me become a more well-rounded individual.
Alekhya Mallavarapu
David W. Butler HS
Matthews, NC
Not only did I get to experience a new culture and enhance my fluency, but I also learned how to communicate with others better. It made me more open to meeting different people.
Lauren Swords
Keller High School
Keller, TX
The world seems smaller now because of the connections I made. This trip has made me more aware, open-minded and appreciative for another culture as well as for my own.

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Michael Clemons
Metamora Township HS
Metamora, IL
Noah Hutchens
Monarch High School
Louisville, CO
Mary Lodigiani
Ridgefield High School
Ridgefield, CT

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Than MacKenzie
Summerville High School
Summerville, SC
Neil Richard Stair
Glenbrook South HS
Glenview, IL

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Carolyn Anderson
Stadium High School
Tacoma, WA

Christina Tecsy
HS for Math, Science & Engineering
New York, NY

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Benjamin Lipton
HS for Math, Science & Engineering
New York, NY
Ethan Mauldin
Franklin High School
Franklin, TN

2007 Scholarship Recipients

Megan Geiman
Highlands High School
Fort Thomas, KY

Jennifer M. Shirar
Ladue Horton Watkins High School
St. Louis, MO

2006 Scholarship Recipients

Danielle Relyea
Fayetteville-Manlius HS
Manlius, NY

2005 Scholarship Recipients

Lindsay Bayham
Ladue Horton Watkins High School
St. Louis, MO
Samuel Hanish
Fort Dodge High School
Fort Dodge, IA

Jay Singh
Langley High School
McLean, VA

2004 Scholarship Recipients

Melina Aguirre
J.J. Pearce High School
Richardson, TX

2003 Scholarship Recipients

Joshua Kroll
York School
Monterey, CA

2002 Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer E. Laaser
Gunn High School
Palo Alto, CA

2001 Scholarship Recipients

Benjamin Pollack
Park Tudory High School
Indianapolis, IN
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