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Discussion List

The Discussion List allows subscribers to send one e-mail message to an entire list of other subscribers. It is possible to sign up for instant updates or to a digest mailing.

Basic Use Information

  • The Discussion List is an independent list managed by its users and the List Manager and is hosted by the IU list service at Indiana University. It is not affiliated or sponsored by a specific organization and was established for the purpose of sharing information on subjects related to the teaching of German. All messages are automatically archived. As part of the subscription to the list, subscribers agree to a common set of rules of etiquette and appropriate use listed below, the Discussion List Policies. All postings should reflect an open, friendly, collegial, and professional atmosphere.
  • To subscribe to the Discussion List, send an e-mail to Leave the subject blank and in the body of the message, type: SUBscribe AATG YourFirstName YourLastName. You will receive an e-mail notification of the request. Follow the instructions to confirm your subscription.
  • To send messages to everyone on the Discussion List, send a message to
  • To UNSUBscribe, send a message to with the subject: UNSUBSCRIBE aatg
  • To change your subscription to the Digest format, send a message to with the subject: SET aatg DIGEST
  • To receive a list of the archive files, send a message to with the subject: INDEX aatg
  • To change your subscription preferences or view the list archive, visit the list homepage. You must be subscribed to the Discussion List, and will need a username and password. If you are accessing the archives for the first time, click "First login" in the top left-hand corner to receive a password.
  • If you have any questions, contact List Manager Harry Reichelt or send a message to with the subject: INFO aatg

Discussion List Policies

  1. All postings should reflect an open, friendly, collegial, and professional atmosphere.
  2. The Discussion List is a public forum. Never send anything by email that you would not want to see published in a professional journal or on the front page of your local newspaper. Remember that email is not private or secure and can easily be forwarded to others.
  3. Include a signature line with your name and e-mail address on all messages. You are encouraged to include your affiliation and location (city/state) as well.
  4. Use a subject line message that indicates precisely the content of your posting. Do not respond to different topics within another subject header—to respond, simply hit “reply”.
  5. It is not appropriate to carry on detailed personal discussions in a public forum such as the Discussion List. Do not send messages intended for one individual to the entire List. When replying to a message sent to the Discussion List, your reply will automatically go to the entire list, not just to the individual sender. To send a message to an individual, copy and paste the individual sender’s email address into the “TO:” line. Always check the “TO:” line to be sure your message is addressed to the right person. Messages to send to an individual, not the entire List, include: Commercial content, requests for more information, expressions of thanks or apology, "I agree" or "me too" comments, and any other personal comments.
  6. When replying, quote only the message you are replying to, not the entire conversation thread. This may require you to expand some content (in Gmail, for example, click the small box with the ellipsis) and delete text, as some email clients automatically quote previous messages in a thread. Quote no more than is necessary to make your point.
  7. Attachments cannot be sent through the Discussion List. You may upload your file to the AATG Online Forums and then provide a link to the file in your message.
  8. Do not use the Discussion List to send commercial content.
  9. Traffic on the Discussion List can be heavy at times. If mail volume becomes a problem, you might wish to receive messages using the DIGEST option. DIGEST collects messages and sends them to you in one e-mail each day. Visit the list homepage to change your subscription options. Contact List Manager Harry Reichelt if you have questions.
  10. Questions about AATG programs and policies should be directed to AATG directly at
  11. You may not post messages that do not follow the guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in exclusion from the list.
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