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Advocacy Hub - German is a Critical Language
Information, statistics, and promotional materials that illustrate the global importance of the German language and German-speaking nations.

German is a Critical Language
The Global Importance of German-speaking Nations

German is a Critical Language

German Embassy and German Federal Foreign Office
Promotion of the German language abroad is one of the key tasks of the Embassy. The Foreign Office works closely with cultural organizations within the field of cultural relations policy and provides them with the necessary support.
German Academic Exchange Service/Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)
DAAD offers comprehensive information about higher education in Germany and administer a wide variety of programs such as scholarships for long- and short-term study, research fellowships, language grants, and informational visits for US students, recent PhDs, administrators, and faculty.
German Information Center
The German Information Center serves the diplomatic mission of the German Embassy by offering Americans a window on modern Germany. It provides information on German politics, business, and cultural affairs. The GIC also supports teachers in promoting German language and modern German society.
Institute für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA)
IFA operates worldwide to promote artistic exchange and dialogue, and to provide information about foreign cultural politics in Germany. IFA sponsors a specialized library, the journal “Kulturaustausch”, and numerous events and exhibitions.
German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GACC)
The GACC in New York promotes German products in the US and seeks to attract American investment to Germany. They provide a wide range of publications, including lists of German businesses in the United States and data on German business activity in the US.
German National Tourist Office
The German National Tourist Office is responsible for marketing Germany.They provide teachers with  travel information, special travel deals, a media gallery, events, and general information about locations throughout Germany.
Embassy of Austria
The Embassy welcomes groups of students from all over the United States several times a year to introduce them to Austria. Their website provides links to grants for researchers, artists, and students, along with helpful resources on Austria, Austrian dialects, and Austrian culture.
Austrian Cultural Forum
The Austrian Cultural Forum is a meeting place for Austrians and Americans and seeks to enhance the appreciation of contemporary Austrian cultural achievements in the US. Located in New York and Washington, the AFC hosts exhibitions, events and a resource library.
Embassy of Switzerland
With its four national languages, its direct democracy, and diverse landscape, there’s a lot to explore and discuss in the classroom about Switzerland. The Consulate can provide teachers with maps, booklets, and posters.
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Switzerland
A collection of resources on Switzerland, Swiss culture, and Swiss dialects. Also offers resources such as DVDs on cultural topics, CDs with music, image collections, and a teaching manual with units devoted to landscape and habitat, economy and science, people and society, federalism, and multilingualism.
Embassy of the Principality of Liechtenstein
Offers facts on Liechtenstein’s landscape, government, economy, and the history of Liechtenstein-US relations, as well as the information on tourism to Liechtenstein. 
Tourism Portal.
Embassy of Luxembourg in the US
Offers facts on Luxembourg, including information on its education system, cultural highlights, and government organization
Tourism Portal.
Deutsche Sprache ist deutlich attraktiver geworden 
Andreas Fasel, January 25, 2015
Englisch ist die Weltsprache – doch Deutsch hat noch lange nicht ausgedient und wird sogar attraktiver. Sprachforscher Ulrich Ammon erklärt, was die weltweite Deutsch-Verbreitung dem Land bringt.
German is world's fourth most popular language
Camille Ryan, US Census Bureau, August 2013 
After 15 years of research and a 1,300 page book on the subject, sociolinguistics professor Dr. Ulrich Ammon found that German is surprisingly popular with language learners all over the world.
Why Study German? 
Jonas Strecker, 2014
PowerPoint slides with up-to-date facts and statistics, as well as historical information and celebrity photos.
Language Use in the US: 2011
Camille Ryan, US Census Bureau, August 2013 
Current statistics on what languages are spoken in the US. 
Why Florida Business Needs Employees with Bilingual and Intercultural Skills
The Language Educator, April 2013
The author discusses statistics, but also offers narrative on why there must be a fundamental change in the way foreign languages are taught in order to prepare students to enter the marketplace. Focuses on Spanish and emphasizes STEM and offers support of all foreign language education. 
Why study German?
Frederick A. Lubich, April 2010
Information on how the contributions of German literature, art, science, and culture offer learners a unique and rich lens with which to understand broader themes and subjects--and augment their general studies. Divided into 12 sections that argue for the inclusion of German Studies.
How German is American? 
Max Kade Institute, 2005
Publication exploring the many ways in which influences from German-speaking Europe are found in mainstream American culture. Twenty images have been selected that reflect some of the ways German-speaking immigrants and their descendants have influenced America.
Top Ten Languages in the Internet
Source study
Data on top languages used online by number of users, as well as statistics on growth and ratio between the number of Internet users speaking a language and the total population estimate that speaks that specific language. German has the highest ratio of users to speakers.
Special Eurobarometer 386-Europeans and Their Languages Report
European Commission, June 2013
Data on languages spoken in the EU and desire for foreign language knowledge. German is perceived to be the most useful language after English and is the most widely spoken in Europe. 
Open Doors Fact Sheet: Germany
Open Doors and Institute of International Education, 2013
Statistics on how many German students study in the U.S. and vice versa at all levels of education, which offers insight into the presence of German speakers in the US as well as the interest of American students in Germany (which has risen each year for the last four years).
Studying in Germany: A Good Choice for your Child. 15 Questions and Answers for Parents
DAAD, 2010
Designed for Parents, offers information and testimonials on Germany and its university system for parents whose children might want to study abroad.
Foreign Languages rated as useful
CBI, 2012 Source
Graph illustrating the importance of German in European business. Businesses view German as the most important and advantageous language for students. From Learning to Grow: What Employers need from Education and Skills published by CBI, the UK's premier business lobbying organisation. Full CBI Report
A Defense of European Languages
Stephen Brockmann. Inside Higher Ed., May 2008
An analysis on why Spanish, German, and French should not be completely supplanted by other perceived more important languages, and why enhancing language education should not be a zero sum game

Evolution of a Friendship
German Information Center 
Brief highlights of positive German-American interactions, and the influence of Germany and Germans on America since colonization.

German-American Day 2017, The White House Proclamation
White House press release, October 2013
Official presidential proclamation designating October 6, 2017 as German-American Day, encouraging Americans to explore the history of German-Americans and their contributions to the US.
World Cup of FDI: Which U.S. Metro Areas May Hold Closet Germany Fans?
Kenan Fikri and Devashree Saha, Brookings Institute, June 2014
Over half a million US workers receive their paycheck from a German company. Data on foreign direct investment (FDI) in US metro areas.
Top Destinations of US Study Abroad Students 2015/16
Institute of International Education, 2016 
Statistics on where US students study abroad—Germany is ranked 5th, with a total number of students 8.1% larger than 2014/2015. Austria is 25th.
2010 Census Ancestry Information
US Census, 2010
Data indicating that German is listed as #1 most common self-identified ancestry group.
Why Learning A Language Could Save Your Career
Clair Jones, Next Avenue Contributor, Forbes Magazine, October 23, 2014 
German is listed as one of the top three languages recommended by experts as the most lucrative for those seeking a competitive advantage in the job market.
5 Leading Languages in the World of Business Revealed
Languages Around the Globe, 
Germany tops the list of valuable languages in business. Ingographic highlights key statistics and facts about the world-wide business significance of German and Germany.

The Global Importance of German-speaking Nations

Survey: Perceptions of Germany and the Germans Among the US Population
German Embassy, 2016 
The survey included a vast number of questions from bilateral relations to Germany’s role in Europe. The results show that Germany continues to be one of America's most important partners and is seen as a leader in Europe.
The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014
Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum
Looks at countries of the world by innovativeness, exports, GDP, market flexibility, and politics to determine competitiveness. Germany ranks 5th overall. Also includes infographics on EU countries including the top 10 most competitive. Full Report
Human Development Report 2013
United Nations Development Programme, 2013 
World-wide statistics on life expectancy, years of schooling, patents granted, Nobel prizes, social integration, environmental use and abuse, and innovation. Germany continually ranks very high, and has upward mobility in the last few years. This data was used to generate the Global Competitiveness Report. Full Report
On Top of the World: This Could Be the Start of a Century of German Success
Rose Jacobs, Newsweek, July 17, 2014 
Discussion and analysis of the recent surge of Germany’s leadership, excellence, and success on the world stage.
German Trade Fair Industry: Review 2012
Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, 2012
Data on the number of foreign visitors to international trade fairs, and facts and figures on the continuing growth and dominance of the German trade fair market. 
Top 10 International Markets: 2013 Visitation and Spending
US Department of Commerce, 2013.
Statistics, rankings, and trends on what countries have the most visitors to the US and who spends the most when visiting.
Trade Fairs in Germany
German Information Center.
Approximately two thirds of the world's leading trade fairs take place in Germany. Trade fairs provide a significant impetus for the international trade of goods and services around the globe.
Facts about Germany
German Embassy, 2011
Reliable information about all aspects of contemporary life in Germany – from business to culture and politics. Contains figures, facts, and timelines.
Germany Once Again Ranked Most Positively Viewed Country
German Embassy, Jun 4, 2014 
Article discussing the results of a survey conducted in 24 countries on opinions of Germany in the world. Shows an overwhelmingly positive view of Germany. 
Global Innovation Index 2014
World Intellectual Property Organization, July 18, 2014
Details on the Global Innovation Index 2014 issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an agency of the United Nations. Switzerland is named the most innovative country in the world for the 4th year in a row. 
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