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Live Webinar - Teaching STEM with a FL-A-CH Focus: Swiss Photography and Austrian Salt

Live Webinar - Powerfrauen: Teaching about Women in FL-A-CH

Live Webinar - Swiss and Austrian Film in the Classroom

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Call for Proposals - 2018 Convention

AATG Sessions for the 2018 ACTFL Convention and World Languages Expo are designed to showcase and inspire the innovative and resourceful teaching and research in our profession. The sessions listed below have been organized and members interested in presenting in these organized sessions were invited to submit short descriptions (250 words) for presentation ideas to individual session organizers. -The deadline has passed (was January 5, 2018).

In addition, there is also an open call to all AATG Members for proposals for sessions, roundtables, paper presentations, and electronic posters addressing areas of their interest and expertise. Find details here.

Please note that that all proposals undergo a blind review by both AATG and ACTFL program committee members, and no sessions are guaranteed inclusion in the program. All AATG sessions must include more than one presenter. All presenters must be members of AATG or an IDV member organization. Final submission deadline for proposals has passed (was January 12, 2018).

Articulation and Collaboration

Bridging Theory and Practice: Collaborating across Educational Settings See More

Children and Young Adult Literature in the German Class See More

German Immersion - Hitting the Target See More

Growth in German: Finding Partners and Creating Interdisciplinary Programs See More

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Assessment and Feedback

Grading as a Rewarding Part of Teaching and Research See More

Oral Exam 2.0 See More

Project-Based Curriculum Design and Learning-Centered Feedback in the L2 Classroom See More

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Innovative Use of Technology

Bridging the Digital Divide: Best Practices in Using Technology for Authentic Tasks and Products See More

Daumen hoch, wenn mein Video dir gefallen hat! See More

Disability in and Accessibility to the Foreign Language Classroom See More

Go Virtual Using Google Classroom See More

Graphic Novels in Children and Young Adult Literature in German See More

Plan B – What Do You Do When the Technology Does Not Work? See More

Using Voice-Activated Technologies for Authentic Speaking Tasks in the Classroom See More

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Achieving Intercultural and/or Intracultural Competence in the World Language Classroom See More

Beyond Germany: German for Professional Purposes in the Context of Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein See More

Beyond Lederhosen and Lebkuchenherzen: The Importance of Assessing Intercultural Competence See More

Great Stuff for Intercultural Communicative Competence See More

Innovative Approaches to Teaching German Poetry See More

Integrating Social Justice in the Lower-Division German Curriculum See More

Interculturality: Excavating German Culture See More

Language Variation and Culture: Incorporating Nonstandard Varieties into German Instruction See More

Rethinking Culture in German 101 See More

Short-Term Study Abroad in DACHL: Developing Global Learning and Inter-Cultural Competence See More

The Many Sides of Germany: How to Bring Multi-Kulti Germany to Your Classroom See More

Understanding Culture(s) Through Music: Music in the German-Language Classroom See More

Visual Culture in the L2 German Class See More

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Languages Beyond the Classroom

Art and Architecture - Interactive Journeys Across the Globe See More

Creating, Organizing and Maintaining a Successful Student Exchange See More

GPP from A-Z: German for Multi-Faceted Professional Purposes See More

How to Grow Your German Program with Delta Epsilon Phi and GAPP See More

The Nuts and Bolts of Large-Scale Student Events See More

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Leadership and Advocacy

Understanding the Role of the Adjunct - Working Session See More

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Comics and Graphic Novels in the German Classroom See More

Innovative Approaches to Teaching German Fairy Tales See More

Letting Go of the Textbook in Second-Year College German Courses See More

Moving Students from Primary to Secondary Forms of Discourse in the Literacy-Oriented Classroom See More

Poetry in the German Classroom See More

Poetry Slam - Literacy through Event Literature See More

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Personalized Learning

Balls, Bells and Bubbles: How to Get Kids Talking See More

Creating Inclusivity in the Diverse Language Classroom See More

Inclusivity through Feminist Pedagogies: Theory, Models and Case Studies See More

Learning German All Year Round See More

Music and Movement in the German Class See More

SMART Differentiation See More

Time for Reflection: Mindfulness in the Language Classroom See More

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Program and/or Educator Effectiveness

German for Professional Purposes: New Programs and Innovations See More

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Standards-Based Instructional Design

Adapting Story Content: Intermedia Projects across Platforms in the Language Classroom See More

FLACH: German across Borders See More

Let's talk about German Grammar! See More

Marking the Transition: Offering an Online First Year German Course See More

Short Films - Windows to the World See More

The Role of the 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for University German Programs See More

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Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Innovative Outreach Strategies See More

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