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First Encounters Student Contest Entries Due

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The First Encounters: Menschen begegnen sich Contest

First Encounters between German migrants and local North American populations have occurred over several centuries and continue today. You and your students are invited to explore the German roots and First Encounters in your community and to document and share your discoveries with the public. Your findings might take the form of an article for the news media, a short film, an online experience like a website or blog, an exhibit at your school or local museum, or a presentation for a civic organization—you decide how your research is shared. 

Understanding the factors that shape human activity through learning about the motives and conditions of German immigrants, the culture of their settlements, difficulties they faced, and their contributions to American life and culture, students will become more cognizant of migration discourses and approach discussions on current migrant and refugee situations with a higher level of information, awareness, and sensitivity. 

The goal of this contest is for students to engage with their community to learn more about the first encounters between migrants from German-speaking countries and the people these migrants encountered in North America, particularly the US. Through their research, your students will contribute to an archive of knowledge about German migration to the US. 

Contest Rules

  1. Students may work alone or in groups of 2-6 individuals.

  2. Entries may consist of video and/or audio recordings no longer than 5 minutes in length, posters, exhibits, media projects, games, or reports of no more than 1,500 words.

  3. The First Encounter logo must be visible on each entry. Download it here.

  4. Students must document their research and work process.

  5. Each project must be accompanied by a reflection of no more than 250 words. Students should reflect on what they learned about their community’s migrant history and how much the project influenced how they think about migration.

  6. Each entry must include a letter of consent on official letterhead from a faculty member or administrator stating support for the submission and include permission for AATG to make the work available on the AATG website and other appropriate venues.

  7. Projects may be submitted in English or German.

  8. Only AATG members may submit contributions to the competition.

  9. Each AATG member may submit multiple student projects.

How to submit an entry

  1. Upload the following items to a safe online file transfer service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer:

·  Contest entry form

·  Your submission

·  Documentation of research and work process

·  The 250-word reflection

·  The letter of consent 

       2. Email the link to your entry to no later than December 15, 2019

A committee will evaluate the submissions and determine the winners.

Winners will receive prizes and have their work published on the AATG website.

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