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AATG Office Closed

AATG Office Closed

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Chapter Projects Funded in 2016
Regional chapter projects funded in 2016 include immersion days, community events, and public relations campaigns to recruit and motivate students--and inspire communities. The synergy created through these chapter projects results in a momentum that is essential to maintaining quality German programs in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities. These projects are supported by Netzwerk Deutsch funds from the German government.


Mad German Scientists
This STEM-themed, German immersion camp will introduce students to great German scientists. Students will perform scientific experiments such as building hot-air balloons, exploding Gummi Bears, working with microscopes, and building rockets.

Ecocritical Approaches to the Study of Germany
This teacher immersion weekend will introduce the latest green projects in Germany and focus on familiarizing educators with teaching methods and topics incorporating environmental awareness.

Colorado German Day
This project is a state-wide competition for middle and high school students.

Deutscher Samstag
This annual student immersion event brings together hundreds of students from sixteen high schools from the Houston area. Students interact with each other in the target language through a variety of activities.  

1 to 1 Tips and Tricks for the German Classroom
This workshop will provide examples of how German teachers can use technology in their classrooms. 

Immersion Weekend for German Teachers
Northern Illinois and Wisconsin 
A guest speaker will present on how drama pedagogy provides foreign language students with intensive and lasting learning experiences through techniques from the performing arts.

KATG Schülerkongress
This series of state-wide competitions for high school students of German will include poetry recitation, prose reading, culture quizzes, video contests, and poster contests as well as scavenger hunts with a focus on German cultural history in the university museums.

German Advocacy in Kentucky
German teachers will spend a day together to network and evaluate how they can strengthen the presence of the German language in K-16 classrooms and the community in the state of Kentucky.

KunstWERK 16
Maryland/DC Metro
The chapter will host an event for teachers and students in local German programs that explores German art with an emphasis on production and plays.

STEM auf Deutsch: Immersion Day
This project will fund an all-day immersion in the German language of science and technology. Integrating hands-on experiments with outdoor activities relating to environmental technology, students will be immersed in the exciting world of STEM -- all in German.

German Immigrant Abolitionists
Integrating US history and German culture, this project will fund a workshop for German teachers focusing the topic of the political activism and writings of German immigrant abolitionists in Missouri. German-language teaching materials will be produced and presented through this project.

German Now and For the Future

This project will connect local companies with a need for German speakers to German students. Funding will also be used to develop internships for German students.

Creation of a State-wide Database of German Instructors
Developing a database of German teachers in Ohio will enable the chapter to promote AATG membership, share information about local job openings, and develop a stronger network of German educators in the state. 

AATG Reward Banquet
San Diego
This annual banquet serves as a celebration for German students, and includes an award presentation for students who excelled on the National German Exam.

German Summit
South Carolina
This project is a networking and information event which allows students and teachers of German at the high school level to come together and network with college instructors and students.

MINT für Deutschschüler
South Texas
This project will organize a student workshop, in which high school students would cycle between experiment stations to learn scientific vocabulary in German, work on group-based experiments, and learn about STEM careers and how German can help them in their future professions.

German Culture and Language Immersion Weekend
Southern California
Teachers and students are totally immersed in the German culture while speaking only in German. Topics include Fasching, Märchen, Mittelalter, Olympische Spiele, Deutsche Filme, and Deutschland im 21. Jahrhundert.  

Full-Day Workshop: Creating a Proficiency-Based Classroom with STEM Content
This project will tie proficiency-based instruction to STEM content. It will build on two activities from 2015: A "STEM Deutscher Tag" for High School students that will provide teachers with ideas for STEM activities; and a workshop on instruction that helps move students to Novice High to Intermediate Mid levels of proficiency. 

German Student Convention

The state-wide German Student Convention will bring German students come together enjoy a day filled with singing, dancing, crafts, games, and food.

Three Rivers German Day 2016
Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia
High school and middle school students of German in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia will compete in German in various areas, including writing, performance arts, culture, technology, and art.  

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