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AATG Office Closed

AATG Office Closed

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Chapter Projects Funded in 2017
Regional chapter projects funded in 2017 include immersion days, community events, and public relations campaigns to recruit and motivate students--and inspire communities. The synergy created through these chapter projects results in a momentum that is essential to maintaining quality German programs in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities. These projects are supported by Netzwerk Deutsch funds from the German government.


From the Center to the Periphery: Chapter Immersion Meeting
This teacher immersion weekend will focus on supporting a newly-established German program in the Native American area where the meeting will be held, and ways of building connections with German-speaking tourists who visit national parks in Arizona.

Fortbildungsseminar zur Flüchtlingskrise+Kennenlernen
This seminar will provide background information and teaching materials on a human rights crisis in Europe and Germany, and strengthen collaboration among instructors at high schools and colleges in Connecticut.

2017 German Day
This immersion event brings together students and teachers from across the state, and will include the annual Florida Association of Students of German competition. Students will interact with one another in German while enjoying crafts, music, skits, games, and other activities.

Refugee Integration in Germany
This workshop will provide information on the refugee situation in Germany, and teachers will work in groups to create lesson plans ready to use in the classroom.

Lehrkräftetag Immersion Day
Massachusetts and Northern New England 
This immersion day will bring together teachers from two chapters to collaborate and share new classroom activities, techniques, and materials.

Immersion Weekend for German Teachers
Northern Illinois and Wisconsin 
Chapter members will present up‐to‐date information on the migrant crisis in Europe and how it affects German culture and society, and teachers will learn techniques to make their lessons more collaborative for students and offer new ways to work on the acquisition of German.

KATG Schülerkongress
This series of state-wide competitions for high school students of German will include poetry recitation, prose reading, culture quizzes, video contests, and poster contests as well as scavenger hunts with a focus on German cultural history in the university museum.

Sprachfest 2017
Long Island
Over 400 students spend a day together focused on German, enjoying exhibits and events, along with over two dozen competitions ranging from videos, skits, and baked goods, to level-appropriate competitions and events that test the depths of their German knowledge.

Louisiana German Business-to-Student Outreach
The goal of the project is to familiarize students with local German businesses, to see how they can use their German language skills and apply those in a professional setting/career, to spark an interest in growing German programs in the state of Louisiana, and to foster long‐term cooperation with local businesses.

Deutsche Woche - New Teacher Scholarship
This project will provide support for a new teacher of German to attend the professional development immersion week in Maine.

mit Deutsch unterwegs: Bridging High School & College Curricula

Maryland-DC Metro 
This project will bring together local high school and college instructors of German to better understand each other's curricula, teaching methodologies, assessments and expectations for student performance, with the ultimate goal being to help bridge the students' learning experience from high school to college.

Das Jubiläumsjahr 2017 im Deutschunterricht
During a professional development immersion workshop, K-16 teachers will produce teaching materials to connect German with other academic disciplines by focusing on anniversaries in a wide variety of fields.

State World Language Conference
A special meeting will be held to facilitate networking and to strengthen collaboration and support among German teachers at the annual state World Language Conference.

German for Your Future
Former college students of German will create short videos about how German has helped them on the path to their current careers, and these will be compiled into a brief film to encourage high school German students to continue their study of German.

2nd Annual Southwest German Saturday
New Mexico-El Paso
High school and college students will come together for a German immersion day featuring workshops and games at various instructional levels. Advocacy tool for German in NC
North Carolina
This project will strengthen and expand the chapter's German advocacy website to promote the learning of German to students, parents, school boards, and university administrators. 

German Instructor Roundtable
North Texas
German instructors across educational institutions will network, exchange ideas, and learn from each other, to strengthen the chapter as a cross-institutional professional learning community that advances German language learning and teaching in all contexts.

German High School Teachers on the RIT Campus ‐ A symposium for teachers and students
High school teachers will explore ideas for preparing students for the college German experience, while high school students will network with college students and attend sessions on German culture, the importance of German in careers, and study abroad opportunities at German universities. 

German Summit
South Carolina
This project is a networking and information event which allows students and teachers of German at the high school level to come together and collaborate with college instructors and students.

Texas State German Contest Workshop
South Texas
With 1,000 participants each year, the Texas State German Contest motivates students throughout the state to continue their German studies. A workshop day will 
familiarize teachers and students with contest events, enabling teachers to expand their event selections and students to gain confidence in competing in new events.

German Culture and Language Immersion Weekend
Southern California
During the weekend, the German "Mittelalter" will keep students and teachers absorbed while speaking only in German. 

German Student Convention
The state-wide German Student Convention will bring German students together to enjoy a day filled with singing, dancing, crafts, games, and food.

Three Rivers German Day 2017
Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia
High school and middle school students of German in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia will compete in German in various areas, including writing, performance arts, culture, technology, and art.  

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